Winter Seafood & Crab Dock Deals

Old Man Winter Can’t Mess with Your Bay Day Celebrations!

Half the country suffers during the winter months, while the other half continue outdoor seafood feasts, south of the border. Good thing fishermen up and down the coast adapt to the changes and make sure everyone receives their fair share. New England vessels churn through some frigid waters to catch Maine Lobsters as they bustle around the rocky coastline. Plump, succulent, and robust, lobster tails add excitement to your festivities. Mid-Atlantic diehard crabbers traverse to Southern USA sun-glistening waters to make sure you can set the picnic table for a winter crab feast. Salty-sweet with a buttery, delicate white meat, blue crabs cause laughs and comradery through the entire pick-a-thon. Louisiana and surrounding gulf states send out their best to catch USA wild shrimp, just waiting for some cocktail sauce or a deep frying. Marked with scenic tall grasses and marshes, these waters bless mankind with some delicious eats. Get those Bay Days planned and while you’re at it, take a look at our fresh load of bay crabs, 5”-6”, a great start to any celebration!


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