Crabmeat Topped Flat Bread Pizza

Chesapeake Crab Co. introduces great tasting energy-packed seafood for your sports viewing!

USA Crabmeat Topped Sweet Marinara Pizza, 6-8 oz. USA Lump Crab Cakes, Steamed Bushel 5”-5.5” Blue Crabs and a Crab Leg Sampler (Snow, Dungeness, King).  All these favorites take commercial and concession breaks to a “seafoodrific” level!  Live on the West Coast and singing the blues that all the amazing Blue Crabs live on the East?  No problem!  Our crab houses got you covered.  With specialty crab coolers, we ship your freshly steamed and spiced Blue Crabs across country!  No flags on this play.  These munchies will certainly lead your game day celebrations to victory!

Get the ditty on the crab pizza!

Large salty-sweet lump crab chunks mix with the low-moisture mozzarella and sweet marinara for a pizza favorite.  Here, Italian cuisine meets the Chesapeake Bay best eats!  With just the right mix of spices:  celery salt, paprika and Bay spices, these 11 oz. pizzas bake to a game day casual delicacy.  Simply slide your personal stadium cuisine on a baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees F for 18-20 minutes.  Remove once the cheese and crabmeat turn slightly to a golden color.  Find your favorite beverage and cheer for a delicious Crab Topped Pizza from Chesapeake Crab Co.  Taste the best!

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