"My Father-in-law got his birthday gift. He said, "You're the best bunch ever!"
Thanks guys, you ROCK !!

Joe M

"We have been eating crabs for over 40 years. These are the best crabs we have ever had! I have ordered from all the popular crab mail order places and the Chesapeake Crab Connection has the highest quality, most delicious crabs. When I order the extra large crabs, that is exactly what comes to the door: big meaty and heavy crabs cooked to perfection. You do a great job!"

Cynthia Templeton

"Capt. Jim, 
Just wanted to let you know they were fantastic. You made my husband's birthday wish come true! Thanks again... We'll be back for more!"

Kelly Irish

"Just a note to let you know that the crabs were great! They arrived early the next day; they were packaged properly and were cooked to perfection. Three minutes in the microwave and we were ready to enjoy. The crabcakes were wonderful as well. Having spent 17 years in Annapolis, Maryland area spoils you when it comes to crabs and crab cakes. Yours are the best! Thanks."

Maria Turner

"Just wanted to let you know that the crabs you sent me on Saturday were GREAT! Totally fresh and cooked to perfection. I will be passing your info. to my friends and look forward to enjoying more of your crabs in the future."

Chris Merkle

"I received my fifth order of crabs from you yesterday and was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. Not only were the crabs FABULOUS as usual, but "someone" included two mallets and a container of seasoning. I can't tell you how nice it is to the be on the receiving end of such good will and impeccable customer service. Thanks again!"

Tammy Stewart

"The crabs arrived so fresh and rambunctious that I don't think I'll buy from anywhere else. You would think they came fresh out of the water. The claws were such a brilliant blue. When some friends stopped by there was conflict over whether they could get some (they did). The smalls were a nice size; I could only imagine what the large is. Keep up the good customer service (and crabbing) Captain Jim."

Beatrice Rybak

"We just want to tell you that the shipment was here by 10:40 am this morning and looks wonderful. Thank you for such prompt and friendly service. You will hear from us again!"

Lenny and Patricia

"Thanks for a great party. The crabs and clams were great. We will definately recommend you to others and order from you again for our next crab feast. A little taste of home was nice."

J.B. Katz

"The crab was fabulous. Everything arrived on time and the meat was incredibly fresh and delicious. Everyone was stunned at the flavor. They don't get crabcakes like that here in Wisconsin. We'll be ordering again. I have a request for an oyster feed with some on the half shell followed by some fried oyster sandwiches."

D. Krause

"I ordered a bushal and 1/2 from you guys so I could show my new midwestern friends how we feast back East. Since moving to South Dakota crabs and crab meat are non existant. I was also pleasently surprised when the crabs arrived with mallets and seasoning. My crab feast will be awesome thanks to you. You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much!"

Marcus Hicks

"Just wanted to say how we enjoyed your crabs. My girlfriend moved here from Ellicott City Md and always talks about the crabs she misses. I ordered a dozen for her birthday and surprised her. The look on her face when she opened them was worth every penny, not to mention the pleasure I got watching her rip them apart and eat them. Can't get crabs like that here in Iowa. You will be hearing from me again!"

Satisfied Customer

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful crabs that I received from your company 2 weeks ago! They were a huge hit with my father who is originally from Maryland.....Living in Minnesota, we never have the opportunity to eat blue crabs so it was a treat!"

Jennifer Wells 

"The crabs were wonderful. Everybody enjoyed them. Thank you!"

Nancy Ryan

"Hello All!

I ordered a bushel of jumbos for one of my best friend's birthday. He is from Maryland and loves crabs. I have to tell you the crabs we received FAR EXCEEDED our expectations. In order to enjoy every crab received, we had them steamed before shipped. They were amazing! Obviously, fresh and huge in size. SIMPLY WONDERFUL! We ate until our fingers were raw!!! From 3 crustacean lovers...thank you!

Thanks for helping make such a memorable birthday!"

Christa Dempsey

"The crabs we ordered and received yesterday were absolutely wonderful. The sizes were great and they were just as sweet as could be. We look forward to ordering again in the future. I heard about your web site from my sister that lives on the Eastern Shore in Chester. I went to marylandbluecrabs.com to access your site. Keep up the excellent work!!!crustacean lovers...thank you!"

Kathy Brower

"We loved the crabs. I have ordered crabs from several companies over the last 20 years and I will only order from your company. Thanks for a good order."

Ed DeJoy

"I ordered a 1/2 bushel of crabs from your company to ship to my brother in Tonawanda, NY who is a crab fanatic. He RAVED about the size, quality and freshness of the crabs. It was his birthday and he said he couldn't have wished for a better gift! I placed the order at 2 PM Thursday and the crabs arrived noon Friday. Thanks!!!"

Bob Krul

"We received our order just an hour ago and we are still feasting on the best blue crabs.... We live in a suburb of San Diego, CA and we tremendously missed those backyard crab feasts we used to have in Maryland. We will certainly recommend you to our friends and San Diegans who crave for a real down to earth Maryland Blue Crabs' feast. Oops, the crabs are gone. They did not even last long for dinner time."

Kent Terwilliger

"Hi Jim, I received the crabs about noon today...couldn't wait until tonight..lol..Must say that it's the first time since eating crabs at Popes Creek back in the 60's. That, after 9 crabs I gave up eating them for now because I was full not just tired of picking them. No one in Athens Ga. even knows what a Blue Fin Crab is much less how to prepare them...95% of them were big...heavy and full of that wonderful sweet meat...and that's a winner to me. Now if I only had the boat docks, slot machines and PBR I would be in heaven...LOL...I'll do with diet pop and some of the best crabs I have ever had. Also, thanks for the mallets and big container of extra spice. I will use some of the spice to steam some shrimp tonight when my son comes over and we will finish the rest; I can almost smell the Bay. Thanks for a class act and keep up the good work. You will hear from me again; that's for sure. Thanks again."

John Crimmins, Athens, GA

"Crabs were great...I need to do that more often...are you guys having any specials before the end of the month?

BTW...I saved a half dozen just for the Skins game tonight!!! Can't wait!"

Steve Conklin

"I received my crabs and I have ordered crabs online before and they could not compare to yours. I am from Maryland and grew up on steamed crabs so I know good crabs. Thanks, they were really good. I did not have one paper shell as normal. I guess they think people do not know the difference. I simply do not order from them again. Thanks again and will definitely use your company for seafood purchases. Thank you!"

Sara Powell

"Capt. Jim, the crabs I am told were great! Thank you and your staff for all your help."

Kelly Williams

"Capt Jim and Crew,

Wow! What crabs! Those supers were just that, super! Excellent! We are not familiar with the term swamp doggies, despite my having grown up on the Severn River in the 1940's. Whatever, we'll be back for more. Super crabs, full of meat and excellently cooked.

We'll be in touch. So happy we discovered your web site."

Bob & Faye Hoover

"Great Crabs! Meat throughout was solidly packed! We enjoyed them last Friday! Thanks for a great product and good service!"

A J Macherone (and Family) 

"Capt Jim and Crew,

The Supers were again super, what else can I say! The soft crabs look great and we will be into them before the week is out. We already know how good the crab cakes will be. So glad we discovered your web site. We'll be in touch."

Bob & Faye Hoover

"Just wanted to let you know that the crabs were EXCELLENT! We are thinking of ordering a full bushell for our Christmas Eve dinner. Will they be available at that time of year?"

Rob Setteducato 

"Capt Jim.....The crabs arrived today as you said and I must say they are GREAT! It has been a pleasure doing business with all of you up there. Keep up the good work! You will definitely be hearing from me again."

Jeff Thompson

"Capt. Jim,
I had good intentions of calling you to say how splendid the latest crabs were, but seems like every day this week something unwound and we ended up the day still trying to catch up at day's end. Anyway, the crabs were once again superb, 8 of them were 7 1/2" to 8" and all were packed full of meat and the fat. My wife loves so much. Faye remarked over the weekend how beautifully cooked they all have been. Yes!!! You would not believe how often we got mushy crabs from our previous supplier. That is another story. We will not go there.

We'll be in touch soon to see what is going on with you as far as the Louisiana crabs you talked about now that the Bay crabbing is winding down. In the meantime, hope you and your family and employees have a super holiday. Thanks again for super quality products."

Bob & Faye Hoover

"Good Morning...All I can say is...Mmmm-Mmmm Good!!! Thank you SO much for fulfilling our craving for Maryland’s crab! My whole experience with The Chesapeake Crab Connection was wonderful! Jim, thank you for all of your preparation tips. You were absolutely correc; melted butter and Maryland’s seasoned crab is all you need! I couldn’t have been better prepared with the mallets and extra spice that was included with my purchase. You have definitely won my heart and I will be a long time customer of Chesapeake Crab Connection! Thanks again!"

Kari Senise 

"Hello Capt. Jim,
Crabs were once again excellent. Faye had one of her lobster tails tonight and said it was delicious. We'll be back in touch with you folks sometime after your post super bowl well deserved break."

Bob & Faye Hoover

"Thank you for the best time ever. We ordered our crabs live and we did not lose one crab and for someone in Ohio to get crabs was great! Thank you again."

Robert Pickholtz

"Great Crabs, I was stationed in Japan for 3 yrs and missed back home crabs. I am now in MA and ordered a half of bushel of Sooks...they were very good. I plan on ordering some every month. Just wanted to say thanks, look for more orders coming your way soon. Thanks again."

Reginald Mack

"Thank you. The person I sent the gift to received them today and called to say the crabs are delicious and very fresh tasting. I will be ordering from you in the near future."

Janet Krajewski

"Thanks for your great service and help on the crab races. It was a blast, I will send photos today and update the web site. Thanks again."


"On June 9, 2007, we had a bushel of steamed crabs delivered to us in Gig Harboy, WA. We were so pleased and delighted with them; we had to take a minute to thank you. Not only were the crabs more than we anticipated, the service was excellent. Thank You! The next time we order crabs, we wil definitely order them from you."

Lori Gorman

"Greetings Jim,

The bushel of live jumbo crabs arrived at my son's dorm at UC Santa Barbara on time and every single one was alive! My daughter and I arrived a few hours later by plane from Baltimore and met my son and the crabs at the Fire and Rescue Station. I had grossly underestimated the size of the container and quantity of crabs. Two people were needed to move them. There were far too many to count, but seem much more than 5 dozen. The gel packs kept them cool, though a few were sliced open by the crab's claws (we just rinsed the gel off).

Most of the staff had never seen a blue crab, dead or alive, and were delighted with the huge crabs you sent. After watching a few skitter sideways in the kitchen, we cooked them 3 pots at a time, most with seasoning and some without (all preferred with). We covered their three tables with a few layers of newspaper, a dozen mallets, local corn, and a few 6 packs of root beer (they were on duty) and put out the steaming scarlet crabs. That was at 8:00 pm. By 10:30 only one fireman could still eat. There were four crabs left and he piled them on his plate and continued.

Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you for your wonderful service and spectacular product. Nothing will ever top the dinner of live cross-country jumbo crabs prepared and served in a fire station to West Coast heroes."

Carole Bianchi

"My husband and I are crustacean fanatics. Growing up in Wash. DC makes us very picky about our blue crabs, but being in the military makes us long for them even the more. We've tried other online crab companies but your crabs were the best by far. The packaging was great and so was the taste and size of the crabs. We were truly satisfied and you'll be hearing from us a lot more. Thanks."

Tynisa & Tyrone Haskins

"Just wanted to let you guys know that my father loved his softshells I sent him a couple weeks ago. He is real picky, being a transplant from the Eastern Shore, and a bit skeptical about not getting them live. He was completely thrilled and said they tasted just as good as when he used to scoop them out of the bay himself. Thanks!"

Carrie Reid

"Thank you very much for the crabs. They made my 4th of July the best I ever had and I look forward to ordering from you in the future."

Happy Customer

"Captain Jim & Associates,

The crabs were terrific! What's new with you guys? Faye and I were reflecting last night how just last year at this time, before we discovered you folks, we awaited each order from our previous supplier with apprehension, wondering how bad they would be. Despite our protests, each order got worse! Actually it all worked out since we otherwise wouldn't have ever discovered you folks, who believe in and deliver a quality product each and every time. Thank you for the quality that we now have come to expect.

Have a great day and hope the crabs in "The Bay" pick up."

Bob & Faye Hoover

"The crabs were absolutely DELICIOUS!! They were the sweetest (and cleanest) crabs I've ever eaten. I'll call you Thursday for another order. Thanks so much."

Sheila Newsome 

"You made our daughter's 30th birthday the very best. Living in Pensacola, Florida, Maryland Blue Crabs are impossible to get. We sent them as a gift and all we heard was how wonderful they were."

Satisfied Customer

"I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the delicious crabs! They finally arrived and everyone truly enjoyed them so much nothing was left from the bushel we ordered. I will order from you in the future and thanks for the extra seasoning. Everyone in Alpine Wyoming says THANK YOU for the best crabs ever!"

Laura Axford Wilmot

"Hi Jim,
We had our crab feast last night here in Nashville, and it was fabulous. The crabs were delicious and there were many new crab eaters who got hooked. It was the best present I could have given my son for his 40th birthday. Thanks for helping to make it such a success."

Sondra Lemberg

"Hey all, I just received my package and was delighted, I just want to say thank you Mike and all!"

Calvin Hilliard

"Sorry it has taken me a while to write, but I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know, I ordered 6 crab cakes which you shipped out on July 2nd and were delivered at 10:30am on July 3rd to Yalaha, FL from Maryland. My guest and I had 3 for dinner on July 3rd, and the other 3 for dinner on my birthday the next day, July 4th. They were absolutely superb and fantastic. My guest and I were both born in Maryland. This was so very special! Thanks again for everything. Terrific!!!"

Valerie Betz

"I'm from Virginia. After living in the Boston area for more than 10 years, I really missed blue crabs but never ordered them. I finally caved this summer and ordered a half bushel for July 4th from you folks. What a treat! The taste took me right back. I couldn't wait another 10 years, so I ordered another half bushel last week. That's twice in a month! I can still taste them if I think about it. You folks have made my summer. Heck, you've made my decade!"

Marlana Patton



I'm so looking forward to my next order of super sized steamed crabs to be delivered on Friday!! My first order in May, 2007 was outstanding!! Having grown up in Maryland with steamed blue crabs readily available, I know the difference between really sweet, heavy crabs and just "lots of shell with seasoning." The Chesapeake Crab Connection was recommended to me by a relative whose family was in the wholesale seafood business for many years. I trusted his judgment and was not disappointed--quite the contrary, I was delighted and even a bit surprised that not only were the "supers" actually the promised size, but (not to be corny) also, "super" in taste. Overall, the crabs were superior to those I've eaten many times in highly rated crab restaurants in Maryland--and I can skip the summer traffic. Can't wait for the end of the week!

Ann Reese

Capt. Jim...I want to thank you for making my father's 86th birthday a day to remember. He received his order right on schedule and has been singing your praises ever since. Believe me when I say that he's not an easy man to please. He's a chicken-necker from way back and I was happy to reward him with the no-muss, no-fuss version. I just hope my wife takes the hint...my birthday is coming next month.

Bob Thuet

I had the pot waiting when the crabs arrived. They were fantastic! I just love ordering from you guys. I'll call again soon. Thanks so much!

Sheila Newsome

Just got our order from Joe and Jim. Let me tell you something; the mallet that was enclosed my wife wanted to use on me over the head. She said for not ordering before this..EXCELLENT CRABS!!! They came all alive and doing great; never lost 1 out of the entire whole bushel!

We'll order again from you in the near future! Thanks again for all your help and I'll pass your name around for future orders.


Louie Simard

Shopzilla is how I found you and I am so happy! I received my crabs today and they were excellent...some of the best I have ever had...and I work in a crab house. I must say these were great. Thanks and I will be back!


Iris Wooddell

We had a crab feast for 8 people who had never had crabs before. I was nervous about the product getting it online. You guys came through with a BANG and the crabs were delicious--I was a hero. THANKS!!! You have my loyalty. We LOVE extra seasoning...we would be grateful if you could ship some to us in the package. I look forward to doing more business together. Thanks again and we look forward to more big, wonderful blue crabs.

Scott Blackburn 

Thanks for the crabs. We and our guests were really pleased with the quality of the crabs and crabcakes. They were even better than what we used to enjoy when my in-laws lived in Maryland. Looking forward to future crab feasts.

Tom Corra 

Bungalow Joe, the crabs I received were incredible! You have made me a believer in fall crabs, they are the best! I have the shells boiling away on the stove right now, makes the best seafood stock on the planet. Thanks again for the great crabs and service.

Teri Kasun 

My order arrived on time. I lived in Maryland for over 21 years and 4 of those years was spent on the eastern shore around Cambridge, MD. I got to know what "REAL" crabs were and expected nothing less after that. Well, we've tasted your "Lump Cream of Crab Soup" and it is absolutely outstanding.

The fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Meat that we ordered is outstanding. It made the best crab cakes we had in several years. The meat was truly JUMBO LUMP crab meat. The soft shell crabs were excellent as well. My wife, kids and I are extremely glad we were able to locate your website on the internet because for once there is someone out there who actually cares about delivering the best and cares about quality of their product.

Thanks Capt. Jim, you have won over a Crab/Seafood lover hands down. WE WILL BE RETURNING CUSTOMERS IN THE FUTURE!!!

R. Searfoss

Capt. Jim,

                       My order arrived on time. I lived in Maryland for over 21 yrs. and 4 yrs. were on the eastern shore around cambridge,md. I got to know what " REAL " crabs were and expected nothing less after that. Well, we've tasted your cream of crab " Lump Cream of Crab Soup " and it is absolutely outstanding. The fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Meat that we ordered is outstanding. It made the best crab cakes we had in several years. The meat was truly JUMBO LUMP crab meat. The soft shell crabs were excellent as well. My wife, kids and I are extremely glad we were able to locate your website on the internet because for once there is someone out there who actually cares about delivering the best and cares about quality of their product. Thanks Capt. Jim , you have won over a Crab/Seafood lover hands down. WE WILL BE RETURNING CUSTOMERS IN THE FUTURE !!!

R. Searfoss


Capt. Jim,  Another order from us this year.  We have enjoyed the many orders we've made with you throughout this year and last.  We look forward to receiving some more nice supers.  We grew up on the Severn River during the '60s and '70s, so we know what great crabs are, but now since we live in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia we don't have them available like we used to in the ''good old days''.  We tell alot of our friends here that you have some great crabs, so hopefully some of them are also ordering from you.
Thanks again, Jim & Vicky Broening

To whom it concern,

I just wanted to drop a line to say how happy I am with your company. I am from Baltimore but have lived on the West Coast since 1987 and had crabs sent out to the west coast for the last twenty two years and over the last two years have used your company, with great success. I used your company just last month and wanted to really get some of the supers. I spoke to Ryan who was very straight forward with me about the fact that he couldn’t always deliver on the supers, it just depended on what he received during the week. I appreciated the frankness, but he did come thru and the crabs were all very large, full and perfectly cooked (not over cooked, which have been a problem of other suppliers). It is always very easy to set up deliveries with your company and the quality of the crabs is superb!! For someone that can not live without his crabs I thank you very much!!

Ryan great job and thanks for help!!!

You have a new long term customer who has spread the word to anyone that wants blue crabs about Chesapeake Crab Connection


  I sent these as a Mother's Day gift.  She got them today and already started eating them.  She was very pleased and said they tasted wonderful.So thank you very much for making my Mom so very happy.  She is originally from this area and is now longing for home.

Thanks again,

Kim Groleau

  I wish to congratulate both you and Ryan for a job WELL DONE.
 The Crabs arrived in California just as requested , and were EXCELLENT.It has been a pleasure to purchase from your Company.Thank you , your new customer.

Larry Smith

The crabs were SUPER!!  Although, I didn't get to eat as many because I had to share with my husband.  They were so sweet and meaty!!  Thanks so much.  I'll be calling again very soon. 

Sheila Newsome

Sent the crabs as a New years gift remotely from CT. My son and family in Florida received your crabs today Sat 1/2/10. Excellent!They are enjoying them as I am writing. Fantastic service, excellent crabs. Many thanks. well done! Will be buying again! 

Jim McClay 

THANK YOU THANK YOU!  The crabs arrived on time and were enjoyed by people from all
over the country at our son's pre-wedding party in Chattanooga....I will definitely
spread the word that you guys are the best! 

Kathy Baltus 


Dear CCC:
Our recent crab order just arrived and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the extras.  What a wonderful surprise!  It is my husband's 59th birthday and Maryland blue crab is his favorite thing on earth, so the party will be extra hearty this year, thanks to you guys!!  YOU ARE AMAZING!  We love y'all and we can't wait to dig in!!!!


Dear, Chesapeake Crab Connection,
I just wanted to send you a note and tell you that my order arrived today and I am thrilled with it. Everything was wrapped well and arrived in good condition. The packaging made sure it stayed fresh all the way to Louisiana even with the outside temperature of 97-degrees.

I just wanted to say that after visiting my son a few years ago on the east coast (were he was stationed in the Air Force) I fell in love with blue crab bisque and have craved it for quite awhile. Since football season is fast approaching, I plan on making crab bisque for the opening game day.

Your staff was friendly and very helpful in insuring me that your product would arrive hear on time and still be fresh. All I can say is that this maybe my first order with you, but I promise it won't be my last.

Tammala T

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