Blue Mussels

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How do you describe that taste?  You better not say fishy!

Describing the perfect prime squid steak or freshly steamed buttered clams may lend your descriptions based on the recipe and sauces, but what is the seafood taste?  Most connoisseurs agree that a fishy taste and rubbery texture are no-nos.  An overwhelming fish taste and that piercing smell normally signatures a not-so-fresh catch.  Rubbery texture scoffs at your overcooking.  When in doubt of freshness, buy flash-frozen seafood that means your Gulf White Shrimp, New Zealand Mussels, etc. received a swift catch and quick freezing that maintains both texture and taste.  Yes, and even the nutrients trap in the meat more effectively with this exact process.  Chesapeake Crab Connection roll-out your upcoming holiday selections ready for you!  Discounted and packed in party sizes, cook and serve seafood with assurance. Fish over to our FREE blog here.

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