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[FROZEN] - Cooked Blue Mussels- Product of Chile

Our steamed to perfection Mussels offer a hint of rich ocean flavor to your table! Unique in taste, they are a great addition to any seafood meal!

Mussels can be shipped using 5 day services. Please CLICK HERE for available shipping methods and transit times.

Flex some mussel for dinner tonight!

Last night I cooked mussels with a heavy Cajun cream sauce.  Sometimes serving shrimp cocktail becomes too predictable and fresh mussels do the trick.  Briny and slightly chewy, I noticed the hot spice and smooth cream complemented the oceanic flavors magically for a unique appetizer.  Since I boiled them in Italian Pinot Grigio and added the clean taste as a toasting choice, I knew that appetizer would impress! Do you see the peas?  Yes, in the sauce I mixed half-half creamer, Cajun spices, basil and fresh peas.  As far as the mussels, I picked up premium mussels from Chesapeake Crab's online store and added them to a quart pot with boiling water and a generous dousing of wine.  Once the mussels opened, I plated the delicacy and drizzled the cream sauce.  Serve a rich, but light appetizer that teases the appetite before you deliver a full course.  Bon Appetit! 

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