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How does a true “Cocinar” Reheat Steamed Juicy Maine Lobster?

December 26, 2018

So, you bought a massive Maine Lobster from Chesapeake Crab and you’re wondering how to reheat an already steamed lobster so that it tastes fresh and recently cooked. Try one of these three methods to uphold Maine Lobster’s standard for tender succulent meat and your standing as a true “cocinar” or cook!

Oven Method

Try protecting your lobster in a foil wrapping with its belly-up and doused with garlic butter. Set the oven at 350°F for 8 minutes and let your lobster become bursting with sweet piping hot meat ready for an entrée or surf and turf duet with a majestic sirloin.

Microwave Readiness

Find your trusty microwave safe Tupperware container and add a tablespoon of water in it as you seal in the crustacean for a safe heating, maintaining a “langosta jugosa” or juicy lobster. The water ensures the meat stays moist. Set the timer at 6 minutes for a healthy 1-pound lobster or an additional minute for each ¼ pound of delicate meat. Follow this table for ease.

One Pound Maine Lobster 6 minutes on medium.

Two Pound Lobster 9 minutes on medium.

Three Pound Lobster 12 minutes on medium.

Four Pound Lobster 15 minutes on medium.

Exquisite Preparation

Peel the plump meat from the shell while cold, directly after receiving your Maine Lobster. Submerge and boil your shells for ten minutes, creating a juicy, delicious broth. Then, in a saucepan, take this broth and douse the removed succulent meat with the juices along with garlic olive oil butter and reheat the meat on low until it has a slight golden-brown hue. Skillfully, place the lobster on your plate with a slotted spoon. Accompany the profoundly sweet and tender meat with clarified butter and side of grilled asparagus or vegetable of choice.


Eating even one bite of lobster may cause an addiction and desire to try lobster in all scenarios as lobster rolls, lobster bisque or even lobster linguini!

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