Steamed MD Hard Shell Blue Crabs

Fresh Steamed Crabs

Which crab do you desire?  A Female (Sook) or Male (Jimmy)

Those who prefer female blue crabs take pride in savoring a “sweeter” meat.  “Females just taste sweeter with a chance for delicious roe,” they consistently say.  Let’s make a FACT Check!

  • Chefs describe the jumbo/lump/claw meat as denser than the male meat.
  • Female crabs physically look different.  They have red-tipped claws like nail polish.  Their bottom apron has a bell-shape like the Washington Capitol and supports the roe that grows approximately 4 times during a female’s lifespan.
  • Crabbers strictly follow a calendar that designates dates and amounts allowed for female harvesting.
  • Since crab feasts call for an overwhelming demand for male crabs, chefs typically use female crab meat for crab cakes, dips, and other recipes.

If you’re searching for HUGE crabs you should choose the male crab with loads of jumbo & lump meat.  Even the claws weigh down with chunks of darker meat. Crab fanatics chant, “JUMBO males truly feed the crowd!”  Time to FACT Check the jimmies.

  • Male crabs grow larger than females. Females stop at maturity, while males keep growing to maximum measurements (7” +).  Females can grow this large, but it’s rare.
  • Males live up to the blue crab name with brilliant blue claws and their bottom apron is in the shape of the Washington Monument.  The claws grower larger also, demonstrating a pumped “bicep” appearance.
  • Jumbo, lump, and claw meat still has a salty-sweet taste, but the meat boasts a flakier texture.
  • When ordering crabs, they’ll give you males, unless you ask for females.

The choice is yours!  Savor the “Beautiful Swimmer,” both male and female and you decide.  Join the ranks of a true crab connoisseur!

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Customers love our Crabs!

“I’m a South Carolina girl who resides in San Antonio, TX. I decided to order from you, all due to my love of crabs. Man, what a great decision it was! Reminded me of home, the crabs were seasoned to perfection and super tasty. I love, love, loved my crabs. I will absolutely be ordering from you all again.”

“Just throwin' a shout out to this wonderfully delicious company!!! We celebrated Christmas this weekend (family tradition) with a crab/shrimp boil & the food was Amazing!!! THANK YOU!!!”

“My husband who is currently serving and deployed in the USN sent me a dozen of crabs for Valentine’s Day! They were awesome. Being from Baltimore I am quite picky, but it was just like being home! Beats flowers any day. Thank you!”




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