"Surfside" Blue Crab Half Bushels

Half Bushels

Showcased Crabs

What Difference does a Crab Size Make?

Most crab houses like to add creativity to their menu with “genuine” or “authentic” busheling. Trendy crab stickers, showing a bold blue crab just waiting for your feast, decorate the boxes. Blue crabs have feisty qualities as they search for their nourishment, so this feature makes sense. Scavengers by nature, crabs use their antennae to locate snails, bivalves, crustaceans, fish, worms, and any other sustenance that will give it energy. In fact, they will even eat recently perished fish and juvenile blue crabs. With this survival drive, they easily molt in and out of shells to grow into larger sizes. Once caught, their eating journey is over, and the crabber grades them to a scale widely supported by Chesapeake Bay societies. Click to find out the differences.


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