Steamed MD Hard Shell Blue Crabs

Best Maryland Blue Crabs

Captain Jim directs his crew to share indoor crab feasting guidelines!

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Awarded “Best Maryland Blue Crabs 2019-2020”

True Crab Sizing ~ Small (5”-5.5”), Medium (5.5”-6”), Large (6”-6.5”), X-Large (6.5”-7”), Super (7” plus)

Perfectly Arranged.

Some dump the crabs in the middle of the table, while others divvy out the number crabs per person.  We suggest arranging them perfectly for an initial “oohh & ahh” before the feasting.  Eyes will first marvel at the heaviest and freshest crabs from the Bay.  Then they’ll check out the table for all the doodads for the event.  Check out Captain Jim’s guidelines for the perfect feast.

Mallets ~ Choose our beechwood, durable mallet for a tap that cracks the claws for an easy picking of claw meat.

Crab Paper ~ Quick and easy cleanup lets everyone remember the delicious crab meat and not the messy cleanup!  Just roll up and discard!

Crab Dipping Sauce ~ Apple vinegar, pureed vine ripe tomatoes, and brown sugar make this secret DELMARVA recipe a go-to for a hot butter substitute.  Why not?  Give your hungry fans choices!

Bowls, Paper Towels ~ Keep your hands clean for a fresh pick every time. A dunking bowl keeps the feast on track for a timely pick.

Claw Cracker, Seafood Fork, Crab Knife ~ Choose tools that are durable and reusable for a smart investment for the future and an expert pick now.

Butter Warmer ~ With a candle and affixed ramekin, a butter warmer gives you a hot dip at your leisure.  Yes, and the candle adds a crab feasting romance between your friends.

Extra Spice ~ Never fight over the extra-spiced crab.  A few bowls filled with extra JO crab house spice will keep everyone happy!

Size up these crabs!

Supers ~ We all celebrate when we pot these monsters! Measuring more than 7 inches point-to-point on the top shell, Supers boast the most JUMBO Meat (pristine white with large succulent chunks pulled from the back-swimming legs).

“I’m in Connecticut and being from Chesapeake, VA, I know all about seafood.  My hats off to Chesapeake Crab Connection for the gifts they give me every year….” (George 7/8/20)

X-Large ~ Weighing heavy with meat, X-Large represents the JUMBO category quite well.  Yes, they didn’t grow on the top shell past 7 inches, but a 6.5”-7” span impresses the true crab pro with an awesome catch!

“The Fatties and Jimmies I received from Chesapeake Crab Connection was the real deal.” (Deborah D. 7/6/20)

Large ~ This most popular choice measures 6”-6.5” and fills the picnic table with a crab for every fan.  Captain Jim suggests 6-8 large crabs per person, so a dozen or so shares well with a friend or maybe explore our double dozen deals.

“We had no problem sheltering in place over the weekend.  Thanks for a great service and product.” (Deborah D. 7/6/20)

Medium ~ Crack a crab with the whole family with the Mediums.  Measuring 5.5”-6”, these crabs please both novice and pro eaters alike.  Nestle up at the picnic table and teach the young ones how to eat crabs with our Mediums.

“When I opened the box, I said, “Oh my God! One of the claws was like a turkey leg.” (Jen H. 6/10/20)

Small ~ All our crabs steam fresh at our crab houses.  Bays measure 5”-5.5” and represent our youngest caught crabs, but many claim that the younger crabs have sweeter meat.  It’s up to you to decide.  Others claim the Bay crabs fit the budget better!

“Thanks, 4th of July was a great success….will continue using your services and products for Thanksgiving and Christmas….” (Venus 7/20)


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What should you serve with a seasoned catch of steamed crabs?

  • Buttered Corn on the Cob.  Sprinkle Old Bay on the cob to add to the Bay theme.
  • Fresh Coleslaw with Cottage Fries.  Deep-fry potatoes to a golden-brown and shred garden ripe vegetables for a cool slaw.
  • Pickled Cucumber Salad.  Sweet, cool cucumbers calm down the palate after a few hot bites of Old Bay!
  • Carrot Salad.  Load this healthy choice with raisins, cranberries and even cherries!
  • Tartar Dipping Sauce.  Mix mayonnaise, pickles, capers and lemon juice for a smooth dip for your salty-sweet crabs.
  • Remoulade Dipping Sauce.  Celebrate your crab feast with a French-style tartar.  Anchovies and horseradish add a bit of sophistication to your feast.

Before your crowd tears into the delicious food spread, take a picture!  Feast your eyes on perfectly spiced and heavy blue crabs delivered right to your kitchen from Chesapeake Crab!  Appreciate your filled bowls of your choice sides that give a variety to your meal.  Don’t forget the crab paper, mallets and seafood forks to pick mounds of tender salty sweet lump meat from the crabs! It all comes down to your crab feast chant, “Eat more crabs!”

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