(STEAMED) -MD Hard-shell Blue Crabs

“Land Ho!”  This wooden crab vessel’s bursting with heavy, succulent Maryland Blue Crabs for your online surfing and ordering experience!  Pots overflowing with crazy crabs, line’s splitting from their fatty backfins, and watermen smiling with a bountiful catch have turned Ordercrabs.com into a crab buyer’s extravaganza!  The men in brown with speedy UPS trucks expedite your order from our docks to your feasting grounds.  Peruse our crab packages from dozen, half-bushel or bushel…

If you desire ordering LIVE Crabs, please CLICK HERE to review our “Live Crab Policy.” Expect “Dead Loss” when ordering Live Crabs, and realize that we; unfortunately, can’t refund any money for this loss.  Our Customer Service Team patiently waits for your inquiries about Live Crabs and any other questions you may have regarding our products and services.  We can also help process your order!   

*Please note that weather and the “daily catch” determines availability for both LIVE and Steamed crabs.

**Also note, Steamed Crabs ship up to 2 days in transit, while Live Crabs only ship with an overnight service. All overnight orders crabs will be shipped fresh with gel packs. 2 Day or more orders crabs will be shipped fresh with gel packs and some dry ice to keep them cool. The dry ice may cause the crabs to partially freeze. They can be thawed in the refrigerator and served. If you do not want any dry ice used in your order please choose overnight delivery. 




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