Steamed MD Style Blue Crabs

Winter Snapping Blues

Welcome to our Kind of Winter Blues!

Sleeting ice, frigid winds, and empty crab pots mean only one thing. Crank up the crab boat motors to southern waters for Maryland Style Blue Crabs. Always USA and born to be that way! Known as the sweetest meat, salty-succulent with a buttery hint places jumbo, lump, and claw meat as a chef’s favorite. Picking for a feast or recipe, know that USA Blue Crabs give you delicious choices. Caught and graded into large boxes, the beautiful swimmer doesn’t disappoint. Known for walking sideways and eating snails, oysters, clams, eelgrass, fish, and other lagoon nourishment, they have entertained true Americans for centuries. In fact, the Native Americans introduced this delicacy to the settlers! Captain Jim knows you have some winter plans for the crabs. “Yes, you may want to pack a crab cake with the lump, or a crab imperial with the jumbo. And that claw makes a mean Maryland Crab Soup. Some of our crab fans want to throw a feast. Check out these rusty crabs!”

Choose a Winner!

Blue Crabs head the dock as the most tenacious crustacean. Did you know female crabs only mate once, and the male crab protects her as she molts into larger shells? He holds her and wards predators away. After mating, she produces 2 million eggs and only 2 grow to a full crab. Survival drives the crab to hold the reproduction process so dearly. So, when you order a dozen, half, or full bushel, know that Mother Nature has worked hard to produce crabs healthy and strong for any feast or recipe.

Rusty & Full, Here are the TRUE Sizes

First of all, we want to welcome you to the Winter Crab Feasts. Captain Jim directs his crew to chart crab migrations and tides along the east coast to bring you winter fatties. Our crew continues the high standards. Measuring the crab from the right tip on the hard shell to the left tip, they fill online steamed crab orders. Check it out. Small (5”-5.5”), Medium (5.5”-6”), Large (6”-6.5”), X-Large (6.5”-7”), and Super (7”+). We follow the Chesapeake Bay Recipe for cooking and spicing. Bushel quantities combine sizes. Bays (Small, Medium), Jimmies (Medium, Large), Jumbo (Large, X-Large), and Female (Small-X-Large) all offer a crab eating good time!

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