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Highest Quantity ~ Bay Half Bushel {5”-6”} (Approx. 3-4 dozen) Steamed & Spiced MD Blue Crabs - (5) Mallets - (5) Crab Bibs - (1 lb.) Signature Crab Spice ~ Spontaneous fun!


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Double Dozen Bays

Exotic River

Bay Crabs Load up the Half Bushel!

Do you have a large crab feast planned? Did you fill the fridge with all the traditional favorites? Creamy potato salad, spicy shrimp & pasta, and buttery biscuits probably lead the list. Setting the perfect table brings all the crab lovers to the yard. From the wafting bay spices to the fresh buttery crab aromas, everyone will cease their activities for the main event, a Maryland Blue Crab Feast!

Choosing a bay half bushel will load the table with approximately 4 dozen of these orange-colored crustaceans. Before you start tapping the claws with a mallet, divvy enough crabs per hungry fan. With all your sides, about 8-10 bay crabs should do the trick. See, bay half bushels get packed by volume with a delicious mix of small, 5”-5.5” and medium, 5.5”-6” crabs. Our bustling crab house crew prepares a half bushel by loading the crab cooler from a huge pot of freshly steamed and spiced blue crabs. The exact mix may vary, but if more smalls load the cooler, count on about 4 dozen, but if more mediums fill the pot, you may have about 3.5 dozen. This sized half bushel contains our highest quantity and holds a younger crab, about a year into a crab’s 3-year lifespan.

In the crab cooler room, the crew always moves quickly while checking the health of the bay crabs since they quickly scramble out of the bushel boxes. Lively and snapping angrily, bay crabs show their youth and readiness for a fight. If not careful, even these little guys can pierce their claws through the crew’s rubber gloves. A crab cut definitely “smarts” in this chilly room. Rest assured, a Maryland Style Steaming with exactly graded crabs to the 5”-6” scale, and then spicing to your order’s specifications, delivers a deliciously cooked blue crab with buttery, salty-sweet meat every time!

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