Some Words to our Bay Loving Friends

Dear Fellow Bay Lover,

Chesapeake Crab Connection takes pride in celebrating traditional crabbing and fishing methods for delivering exquisite Bay seafood.  Following sustainability guidelines to ensure the Bay's ecosystem stays healthy with plentiful species, our crew guarantees the heaviest blue crabs, crisp oysters, briny clams and robust fish the Bay offers. Our boats (pictured below) started traveling the Bay estuaries back in 1991 and have partnered with the Chesapeake Bay culture to exact traditional recipes for your authentic cuisine.  Traditional Maryland Crab Cakes, Crabmeat Topped Pizza, Maryland Crab Vegetable Soup highlight a few of the favorites.  Peruse our online store to find your desired delicacy.  Possibly, you'd like to try our Chesapeake Spicy Crab Dip!   

Finding high-quality domestic seafood from a vendor you can trust requires research and patience.  Know that you have found both with Chesapeake Crab Connection and our online store, Ordercrabs.com.  We research the best methods in catching, sizing, preparing and shipping your order.  We set your worries aside by doing the scholarship for that heavy, salty-sweet Blue Crab that causes your taste buds to rejoice!  No need to wait for the best boat to arrive at your home's dock or front door either.  Chesapeake Crab expedites shipping throughout the continental US and most of Alaska and Hawaii. Captain Jim, the founder of Chesapeake Crab declares, "From our docks to your door!"  Ordering online makes your life easy, but if you travel to Southern Pennsylvania or Northern Maryland near the Bay and tributaries, stop by one of our outlet stores and say hello.

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Chesapeake Crab Crew

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