Frozen Shrimp

Buttery Shrimp never tasted so good!

Chesapeake Crab Co. daily catches hundreds of pounds of USA Gulf White Shrimp.  Filling a pound at 16-20 pieces of buttery, succulent shrimp, this Gulf Shrimp grills, steams, and even boils to a tenderly firm textured USA seafood choice.  Customers rave over this shrimp since it’s always Gulf caught in American waters.  What’s even better?  Our catch is wild caught from healthy waterways!

What’s the true story about deveined shrimp?

Many recipes call for jumbo-sized shrimp as an impressive protein, let alone the buttery-succulent taste.  Have you ever bitten into a beautiful shrimp and noticed a brown vein?  You either picked it out with your finger or a fork.  Is this vein bad for you?  Dietitians say it isn’t and that it’s actually the shrimp’s digestive tract filled with grit.  Chefs typically remove the tract, known as “deveining,” to avoid the confusion for the diner.  The shrimp also looks cleaner and fresher without the tract; so primarily for aesthetics, many recipes call for ‘deveined.’  As far as small to medium-sized shrimp, you definitely want to purchase deveined shrimp since the process will be too time-consuming.  Deveined shrimp works well with stir fries, scampi or cocktails.  So, there you have it!  Yes, the “vein” doesn’t hurt you, but just doesn’t look that appealing.  Remove the tract for a clean looking, pristine piece of buttery shrimp!

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