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(5 lb Frozen Block ) U.S. Gulf Shrimp (Shell On Head Off) (Approximately 16-20 Count Per Lb)

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Buttery Shrimp never tasted so good!

Chesapeake Crab Co. daily catches hundreds of pounds of USA Gulf White Shrimp.  Filling a pound at 16-20 pieces of buttery, succulent shrimp, this Gulf Shrimp grills, steams, and even boils to a tenderly firm textured USA seafood choice.  Customers rave over this shrimp since it’s always Gulf caught in American waters.  What’s even better?  Our catch is wild caught from healthy waterways!

Chesapeake Crab Recipes:  Greek Mediterranean Salad with Chesapeake Crab Connection’s Jumbo Gulf White Shrimp

Eating fresh robust Mediterranean Salad tastes best with plump grilled shrimp as the protein.  Try mixing an arugula/romaine salad with freshly sliced cherry tomatoes, diced crisp cucumbers & sweet red onions and heaping mounds of feta cheese.  Modestly toss with a Greek Vinaigrette (olive oil, red wine, garlic with freshly grounded oregano).  From the grill adorn your salad with the headliner, 16/20 Jumbo Gulf White Shrimp. Fill a silver ramekin with hot garlic butter for a delicious shrimp or even tomato dipping!  Decide on your cravings.  Add more tomatoes or exclude the onions.  All agree that a few extra shrimp is a winner!

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