MD Lump Crab Cakes-Traditional Recipe

No need to travel to Annapolis, Kent Island or Baltimore for a traditional crab cake.  We offer them at our online store.

Traditional Maryland Crab Cakes keep to an exact recipe. Originally the watermen packed these cakes in the late fall to survive through the winter.  Crosby Gaige brought the cakes to a restaurant level with his recipe in “New York World’s Fair Cookbook" in the 1930s.  We bring you amazing lump crab cakes today!

Our chefs proudly fold Blue Crab Lump Meat with eggs, mayonnaise, Bay spices, and breadcrumbs.  Following 80% crab meat to 20% cake-building products (no filler), our crab cakes bake and pan-sear into a golden-brown masterpiece.  Entertain dinner guests with 1 oz. cake appetizer crab balls or create surf & turf by combining a tender sirloin and delicately sweet 4 oz. crab cake.  Thinking about a Maryland Crab Cake entrée served with curly fries and creamy potato salad?  Try our bold 6 oz. or 8 oz. crab cake.  No matter what size you choose, you’ll know that these cakes hold true to the Crisfield, Maryland tradition, the center for Chesapeake Bay superior eating!


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