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Chesapeake Crab Cake Sampler Plus ~ (40) 1 oz. MD Blue Crab Lump Appetizer Cakes & (4) 5 oz. MD Blue Crab Restaurant Style Cakes {Flash-Frozen} with (1) 8 oz. jar Homemade Remoulade Sauce & (1) 6 oz. container Old Bay Seasoning

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  • Made fresh and flash frozen when shipped 

Maryland Crab Cakes

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Maryland Pride Seafood

Serve a Delicious Crab Cake Sandwich Like a Whiz!

Back in the 30’s, crab cake sandwiches made their debut in kitchens along the East Coast. Then, the craze took over the nation in one crispy cake after another! Crosby Gaige created the recipe in his cookbook, New York World’s Fair Cookbook. A simple preparation makes the crab’s salty sweet meat pop with a robust buttery taste. Nestle a golden-brown cake on a soft and light Brioche bun, buttered and lightly toasted. The sweetness of the French bread will complement the salty succulence of the lump meat. Balance the flavors with a crisp lettuce and ripe tomato. The textures will bind with a tangy, yet spicy remoulade. The key is to showcase the crab cake with the “costars” on the plate, not upstage it.

With this same theme of showcasing the cake, choose sides that complement the crab cake’s salty-sweetness. Grilled asparagus, yellow squash, and broccoli will add earthy smokiness to healthy sides. Basil buttered mashed potatoes and crispy sweet potato fries serve as two worthy starches that will add fullness to the meal. Don’t forget favorites like colorful slaw with sweet peppers and purple cabbage or white balsamic chickpea salad. Add colors to your plate, but have all eyes and appetites directed to that golden-brown masterpiece!

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