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The sun’s increasing strength and a crab lover’s endless hunger for delicious seafood calls for a crab cake “ensemble set.” Just like any group of stellar players, Maryland Crab Cakes take a special dinner to an even more scrumptious level! Chesapeake Crab Cake Samplers will usher in Crab Season 2024 with a cake for a sandwich, entrée, or even a silver platter as a sign of “crab success.” Yes, indeed, salty-sweet blue crabs pick majestically into your favorite course. Why settle for just cakes though, go to the source. Poplar Island Double Dozen & Cake Special will set the perfect picnic table overlooking the bay. Some in your crew may want to pick up a cake with lump crab meat rather than picking for it. To each his own!  You eye down a jumbo large, 6”-6.5” and know this crab bears the name “jumbo” for a reason, two massive jumbo chunks pulling from the back-swimming legs. Mouthwatering is an understatement! Possibly, your crab sanctuary overlooks a busy street. Either way, treat those tastebuds to an array of flavors. Louisiana Remoulade with capers, paprika, horseradish, mayonnaise, and bay spices will join these main players on your plate. Rebirth, renewal, and fun, that’s a springtime worthy of a fresh catch!

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