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Salty-Sweet and Built to Stay that Way!

Beginning life as a small orange egg embedded under the mother crab’s bell-shaped bottom apron, a baby blue crab enjoys soaking in salty water from rushing sounds and flowing coastal waterways. The first days present a crab “seasoned” for its next stage, a plankton-like creature just darting away from small fish, turtles, and other crabs who have no problem feasting on this shell-less treat.  Eventually, the crab begins taking form and travels to more brackish water, which helps develop a sweetness to its quickly growing meat. Feasting with no restrictions, these baby crabs grow from eating unsuspecting clams and oysters. Slithering worms, small crustaceans, and some newly dead fish and animals make their diet complete. Don’t worry; their dietary tracts block any harmful detritus from getting into their body meat, the prized jumbo, lump, and claw. With this robust diet and the fresh and saltwater mix, their meat boasts a salty sweetness. Some call it “rich,” while other’s “robust.”

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