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*SALE* Home Team Favorite ~ Jimmy & Bay Bushel MIX {5"-6.5"} Steamed Blue Crabs, approx. 6.5 dozen & (1) 8 oz. jar Homemade Crab Dipping Sauce, DELMARVA Recipe ~ A crab size for the entire team!

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Why do crab houses cook crabs live?

Each morning, dedicated crabbers follow their charted buoys to hoist in the morning’s catch. From the moment the crabs get selected for a graded basket according to size, they get the royal treatment to keep them alive.  Wet burlap, cool ventilated coolers, but never submerged in a pool of water, blue crabs require the utmost care. Give them ample oxygen, and an unthreatening environment. This consistent treatment follows the crabs to the crab house for their storage in a refrigerated cooler at about 52 degrees F. The ideal temperature will keep the crabs alive and ready for the steaming or boiling. When perished, crab meat instantly becomes inedible, so a rapid trip to cooking is essential. The successful trip keeps the crabs cool and docile. So true with a shipment of live blues to your outdoor feast and quick cooking. Choose a time that will take the crabs from your custom shipping cooler directly into the pot. The home process follows the same crab house standards for storing crabs for a successful and delicious feast.

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