Homemade Sauces

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Don’t get saucy about your choice crab dipping sauce!

Freshly caught blue crabs taste delicious with a perfect steaming and generous spicing, but you may want to prepare some dipping sauces.  During our crab feasts we set out our stainless-steel butter warmers and fill ramekins with clarified butter.  The hot butter instantly heats the crab meat and ensures tenderness.  Crushed garlic cloves and red chile powder mixed into the butter give an added dimension to the sauce.  Most crab eaters, however, prefer our homemade sweet crab dipping sauce.  Fruity sweet apple balsamic and crushed tomatoes complement the salty-sweet crab meat.  This Delmarva secret recipe calls for a puree that liquifies the tastes and pour ideally into a ramekin.  Simply position in our signature crab butter warmer.  Yes, blue crabs taste succulent alone, but a nutty buttery mix or a fruity tang gives you variety to your crab feast.  Just don’t forget the “dipping sauce” warmer!

Select either an 8 oz. or 16 oz. portion when selecting all your crab options.  Set yourself up for a successful feast!


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