Homemade Sauces

Ready-to-Pick SteamedCrabs lead our most popular selections.  Lively and steamed fresh, these crabs taste extra salty-sweet.  All meat represented, jumbo, lump and claw, these crabs spice to a celebratory pop! Prepare the table with heavy duty paper and three bowls for picking.  Use one bowl for shells, another for meat, and a third filled with hot water to clean your fingers to keep the feast organized and fun.  Consider dipping with our homemade Chesapeake Crab Dip.  This Delmarva favorite has a secret recipe, but apple cider, ripened tomatoes and brown sugar do highlight a few of the ingredients.  Yes, it’s a “must try!”  Fruity sweet complements the salty succulence with our signature dip. 

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