Chesapeake Bay Littleneck Clams

Littleneck Clams

Grilled Clams

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Do you like clams? 

Off the Virginia and Carolina coasts, our crew catch a Northeastern mollusk celebrated as a culinary treasure. Better known as ‘clam,’ they are categorized by size.  The size corresponds with growth and age of the clams.  Littleneck, cherrystone, middleneck, chowder and quohog name the clams from small to large.  Littlenecks receive accolades from chefs for their sweet, buttery flavor and perfect size for recipes such as clam chowder, red wine sauce, stuffed pepper and clam risotto.  You like clams for freshness and the chewy texture that bursts an oceanic blast.  We know that and catch healthy LIVE clams for your home recipes.  Add clams to you online cart today!

Save clams when knowing clam facts!

  • Littleneck clams measure 1”-2” wide and 1”-1.25” long.
  • The bigger the clam, the more “chew.”
  • Shells should be tightly closed when purchased, which means a LIVE clam.
  • A 3 oz. serving contains 11 grams protein (good for muscle building) and Vitamin B12 (Maintains nerve functions)
  • Check out your recipes and select the perfect quantity.

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