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"To Slurp or Not To Slurp?" That is the Question!

Oysters have found favor from hungry seafood fans for generations. In fact, reports show the Romans enjoyed slurping oysters in England in the early ADs. That’s a nice run in popularity! The oceanic flavor and the briny sweetness with a slight metallic hint give oysters a unique taste. Considered a finger food, most opt to slurp it, unless a baked cheesy Rockefeller suits your fancy. Advocates suggest chewing the oyster briefly first before swallowing to enjoy the flavors. Quickly gulping the oyster takes away all the sensory fun.

Starting the fun requires a seafood fork to loosen the oyster from the shell. Make sure you also give the oyster a quick whiff to make sure it smells like fresh seawater. Also, if all smells good, keep the juices in the shell. It will add briny flavor to the slurp. Take the fork and spread some champagne mignonette over the oyster and squeeze a fresh lime for pizzaz. You may want to offer choices for your guests like horseradish or cocktail sauce. Finally, take the wide-end of the shell like a pro and let the oyster slide into your mouth. Chew several times and enjoy the oceanic goodness. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also offers many nutrients like B12 Vitamin, quite healthy for cognitive health. Line them up and turn the shell over when done. Show your oyster etiquette. Plus, this signals to the waiter that you’re done. Plan about 6 oysters per person and get slurping!

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