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Every Day’s a Holiday with Maryland Style Blue Crabs!

Blue Crab Season 2022 unfurls laid back days, just cracking, picking, and swapping stories of the “Old Days” when you first learned some crab feasting tricks. Spring on the Bay sees the rippling water with an occasional blue crab side-swimming through some still-frigid temperatures. Trotlines flinching crab movement, buoys riding waves, and hunger pangs from a host of Maryland Style Blue Crab fans, signals an SOS for some crab eating skills. Are you ready? Get started with some “Spring Super Catches.” Captain Jim directs his crab house to prepare for your instant holiday. When does your celebration begin? The moment you receive your custom crab cooler filled with exact-sized crabs and steamed and spiced deliciously with the Maryland Recipe. Check out the true sizes! Supers {7”+}, X-Large {6.5”-7”}, Large {6”-6.5”}, Medium {5.5”-6”}, and Small {5”-5.5”}. Roll out the crab paper and grab a mallet. Prepare for your spontaneous fun!

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