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Surf Side Dinner for Two- (2) 9 oz. Warm Water Lobster Tails- (2) 10 oz. Lump Handmade Crab Cakes- (2 lbs.) 16-20 ct. Shell-On Wild Caught USA Gulf Shrimp- (All items ship frozen)

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Surf Side Dinner for Two

Surf Side Dinner for Two…. Make it Four.

You May Need to Order More!

You have the centerpiece picked out. Beautiful orange with golden colors and wooden tools surrounding the ensemble. We’re talking about a bushel of steamed crabs, of course! Steam wafting in the air and delicious bay smells fill it. Peppery spices and hot butter draw the crowd’s noses and eyes to the festive cheer, the Maryland Blue Crabs. Chefs follow dinner themes and so do you. Accompanying the headliner, you decide to include broiled lobster tails, pan fried shrimp, and baked crab cakes. All kinds of delicious seafood catches! Choosing the best ingredients led you to a USA loving seafood crew. Only the best tastes for your feast! Buttery-plump lobster meat, succulent-tender shrimp, and salty-sweet crab cakes set the scene for a seashore good time!

To ensure a good time, make sure you select the best cooking methods for flash-frozen seafood. A quick freeze guarantees texture and taste stays just as fresh as when the catch hits the dock and is rushed to the kitchen. Caught off the coasts of New England, lobster tails cook best in the broiler. Simply place them shell down in the stove and brush garlic butter generously over each translucent side. Cook until lightly browned about 4” from the rack for about 12 minutes. Conversely, shrimp requires a thawing in a strainer. Get out the trusty skillet and douse it with extra virgin olive oil and bay spices. Pan fry them on high for about 4 minutes as you continuously flip the shrimp. With the high heat, you will notice a slightly golden-brown to the pink. Finally, the crab cakes bake best at 325 degrees F in a preheated oven. Cook them from a frozen state. This keeps them from falling apart. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Some chefs recommend slicing a thin slab of unsalted butter and placing it on each cake with a quick dusting of Old Bay before the bake. Once done in the oven, place the cakes in a hot skillet for about 1 minute per side and push down on the cake for a perfect “hockey puck” shape. Realize you’re dealing with All-Star seafood, so treat each delicacy with a careful eye and delicious recipe!

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