"Fourth of July" Blue Crab Dozens

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Crab Surfing

Ride the Summer Wave of Blue Crab Goodness!

Throw a crab feast on the beach and you’ll score this summer as a “Point Break” in tasty awesomeness. Live life before it passes you by and fill those plates with all your go-tos from the sea. Point Break Crabs & Shrimp Feasts will have you reflecting on the savory, salty-sweet Jimmy Blue Crabs and Buttery Texas Gulf Shrimp. Watch your inner circle grow. Yes, everyone gets “amped” over cracking a crab with a friend. If that doesn’t get everyone around the beach umbrella, Maryland Blue Crab Lump Cakes will certainly tease the pallet, especially with a handy jar of remoulade. These 1 oz. cakes mark a “Beach Break," a change from a mundane meal to a lifelong memory! Finally, LIVE Northeastern Oyster slurping will separate the posers from the true seafood enthusiasts.Layback” and catch a few waves with knowing briny sweet with a slight metallic finisher means you know how to complement your blue crabs with all sorts of moves!

Steamed Crabs

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