Right off the Dock ~ Blue Crab Dozens

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Keep your friends food happy from kickoff to the victory dance. Choose the perfect starter to get the pep for your seafood rally. Maryland Style Crab Balls and Breaded Succulent Shrimp will begin the cheer. Salty-sweet golden brown cakes and buttery crisp shrimp dip into your favorite sauce in style. Anything goes. Remoulade, honey mustard, ranch. It’s your party! Dump a load of Jimmies on the dining table for a pick-a-thon that will take the jitters out of first and ten. And you say, “Let’s do it again!” Grab another crab house steamed and spiced USA Blue Crab and splash a huge jumbo chunk in some clarified butter. Why not eat a Dagwood sandwich with one beautiful layer. A softshell whale, beer-battered and a perfect overtime energy-packed golden brown treat. Don’t forget to stay hydrated with these game day seafood favorites!

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