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Captain Jim's Best ~ [STEAMED- FRESH] -(1) Dozen Super Male Hard-Shell Blue Crabs, 7" +++ [Our Supers are extremely rare and always sell out. Get them while you can!]

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Steamed Crab Plate

Super Crab

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Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse

What’s a “Super Crab?”

Blue crabs come in all shapes and sizes from “Bays” to “Jumbos.” Bay authorities allow watermen and recreational crabbers to pot and harvest crabs measuring 5” on up. Sometimes, however, the “on up” dazzles the crab enthusiast, especially when they measure upwards past 7”. Crab houses call these monsters “Supers,” “Behemoths,” or “Colossals.” A few crab facts explain this crab feast phenomenon.

One, crabs live for about 3-4 years, and those that make it have escaped sea turtles, large fish, and humans. They have the chance to molt several times each year, while filling each shell with more compact meat. Two, weather conditions either slow down the growth or make it rapid. Warmer waters serve as a catalyst for growth, so a hot summer means the crabs begin stretching to some impressive lengths! Bay gurus claim the Gulf’s crabs reach maturity after just 1 year, compared to the Chesapeake’s 18 months on account of the higher temperatures. Third, and last, an abundance of nourishment serves as an obvious “good thing.” Clams, oysters, mussels, freshly dead fish, and plant and animal detritus all make up some of the crab’s favorites. Oh, and don’t forget the periwinkles or snails. If left alone, they’d eat up all the necessary marsh grasses, where crabs love to make home. When all these conditions work in unison, you’ll notice dozens and dozens of Supers pulling out of the waters!

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