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Maryland Crab Soup

Maryland Crab Soup

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

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Whip up a tasty crab soup with “extra” picked crab meat or with a signature freshly picked tub from Chesapeake Crab Co.!

Freshly picked crab meat tastes salty-sweet and makes an imperial bold with jumbo pieces, a robust cream of crab with lump and a hearty traditional Maryland Crab Soup with claw.  Our cooks follow the traditional Chesapeake Crab recipes found in well-used cookbooks.  Yes, the soups are a “go-to” for a hot appetizer to accompany a crab feast or even a ripe garden salad.

Choose a savory Eastern Shore Cream of Crab Soup.

Whisk a delectable roux with wheat flour, fresh cream, minced garlic, cooking sherry, and chef-choice ingredients.  Remember, you are the chef!  We suggest folding into the soup our USA Blue Crab Lump Meat or your freshly picked crab meat from your recent dozen, half-bushel or bushel order.  Sprinkle Old Bay seasoning into the mix for a peppery pop to the creamy salty-sweet soup. 

Maybe you want to ladle a Maryland Crab Soup for your meal’s first course.

Prepare yourself for a traditional Maryland Crab Soup with shredded crabmeat, diced tomatoes, and fresh vegetable juice mix. Our chefs carefully stir ingredients and keep the taste and consistency to the recipe known and adored by Bay enthusiasts. Careful seasoning with black and chili pepper, along with paprika will combine the tastes into a zesty, succulent serving of soup! Show your cooking creativity with USA Blue Crab Meat for tonight's delicious dinner!

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