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(1) 20 oz. tray Deluxe Crab Dip- (Frozen)

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No Matter what Season, Crab Dip Fits!

The great Aztecs mixed the first creamy guacamole dip, while the fun-loving Marylanders concocted the Spicy Chesapeake Bay Crab Dip. Both receive accolades for garnering energy for pepping up cheers during soccer, football, and baseball games. Heck, even Netflix Series view better with a fresh dip with a tostada. Today, we focus on the crab dip since, well, we are a seafood company. Plus, the Maryland Blue Crab, either from the bay or along the Atlantic Coast into the gulf, gives a cuisine all Americans can celebrate!

Salty-sweet blue crab lump meat adds sophistication to a dip. A buttery hint and rich flavor mixes grandly with traditional ingredients: cream cheese, sour cream, lemon juice, grounded mustard, seafood seasoning, garlic, paprika, green onions, and other robust additions that embellish the profound crab taste. Depending on the season and event, choose the best dipping food. During summer months, garden favorites like cucumber wedges, sliced carrots, and crisp celery make a low-fat complement. Autumn brings pita bread, sturdy multi-grain crackers, and salty pretzels. Prepare a tasty beverage to wash down this exciting game-day headliner. Winter months require a soothing meal like Chicken Chesapeake. Yes, better than Pollo Magnifico! Lastly, spring ushers in chicken wings and warm nachos. Exciting, fresh, and new. Chesapeake Bay Crab Dip with the spicy pop literally changes gameday to a yearlong feast!

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