Frozen Fish

Captain Jim sends his crew into both the Atlantic and Pacific waters to find his online chefs’ choice fish.

To ensure fresh products, he directs his docks to quickly skin, debone and flash freeze the healthy fish.  Vacuum sealing and packing eleven different types of fish from Wild Caught Cod to Tuna Medallions require a dedicated fish source.  Ordercrabs.com proudly supplies fish that cooks to perfection!  Try the sweet-flavored Cod that flakes into tasty pieces especially in crispy fish ‘n’ chips or zesty BBQ.  Maybe Wild Caught Mahi Mahi suits your fancy.  Eat up since this fish resiliently repopulates the oceans and actively swims developing delicate meat that offers lean protein and 400 mg of omega-3’s per a 4 oz. serving.  The cooking options flip the rolodex cookbooks!  Our Tuna Medallions taste stellar with garlic, tomatoes, capers and basil.  Sauté diced onions and garlic with extra-virgin olive oil in a caste-iron skillet.  Let the bold flavors simmer to a golden-brown. In a second skillet, place your Tuna Medallions in the pan’s center and sprinkle salt and pepper on the catch.  Carefully cook the fish to light brown edges and a pink inside.  Add diced cherry tomatoes, and fresh capers and basil to the mix and continue cooking the fish until it presents an opaque center.  Combine all ingredients and expeditiously serve as an exquisite meal.  No matter what fish you choose, know that Chesapeake Crab does fish too!  Follow us on Facebook for more recipes and blogs.

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