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Early Spring Go-To [STEAMED- FRESH] - (3) Dozen Small Male Maryland Style Hard Shell Blue Crabs Fresh (5-5.5 inches)

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Steamed Crab Plate

3 Dozen Small Crabs

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Kent Island

You enjoy the rewards.  We work for them!  Delicious seafood from Chesapeake Crab Co.

Treat yourself to Bay Crabs!

Each morning our docks bustle with snapping blues.  Every crab gets sized to the traditional Chesapeake Bay Crab Grading Scale and then busheled for a quick delivery to our crab houses.  Today, we lift the lid to the Bays. Measuring 5”-5.5” point-to-point on the top shell, these crabs have fans!  Many say the smaller crab has sweeter meat.  Captain Jim smiles and says, “Even the bays are fatties!” Salty-sweet and filled with jumbo, lump and claw meat, Bays set the table right!  Half a bushel includes about 4-dozen and a bushel about 8-dozen fresh blue crabs. We steam them up in our bay spices and ship them in a custom cooler right to your front door.  Just get ready for the best Maryland Blue Crabs! Set the picnic table with butter warmers, Delmarva dipping sauce, mallets, claw crackers, seafood forks, and knives.

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