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20% OFF ~ Incredible Creation ~ (2) 10 oz. Maryland Blue Crab Lump Entrée Cakes {Flash-Frozen} ~ Award Winning Recipe

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Two 8 oz. crab cakes

10 oz. Cakes

What Makes a Traditional Maryland Crab Cake?

Back in the early Chesapeake Bay crabbing days, watermen and their families spent hours picking crabs to make cakes for the long winter months. Freezing them meant they could have a golden brown cake in the depths of February. These early cakes kept to a recipe introduced to the settlers by the Native Americans. No need for added frill, the salty-succulent crab taste made the cake a popular winter choice. Frozen cakes also bake, pan-sear, or even fry better since the compacted frozen state keeps the cake intact during the cooking. Jumbo lump, eggs, mayonnaise, crushed crackers, and bay spices create the traditional cake.  Various regions around the bay adopted some nuances to this recipe. In the North, up to Pennsylvania, a heavy cream kept the cake together, which required some “setting” time before cooking. The Eastern shore whipped together eggs and flour, while the West created a “Continental Cake” with breadcrumbs or crushed crackers. With our recipe, we combine all three for a truly traditional cake. No need to divvy the cakes out slowly. We’ll pack and ship them with USA meat all winter long!

Packing an 10 oz. cake requires some skill to keep it together with the larger jumbo chunks. Most chefs pack cakes with female crab meat since the larger males normally sell for crab feasts. This choice makes sense since female meat has a denser texture, better for packing. Also, the density had kept some of the salt water from seeping into the female as she foraged through the bay and tributaries. This fact gives the crab a sweeter meat for the cake. When preparing a massive jumbo cake, follow a few steps to ensure a golden brown cake with thoroughly cooked meat throughout. Keep the cake frozen. Ironically, it cooks faster from this temperature. Cut a slab of butter and place it on the cake and then sprinkle it with Old Bay. The butter will keep the cake moist as you bake it in a preheated oven for 325 degrees F for about 20 minutes. You should notice the golden-browning, the desired look in a crab cake. Then, take the cake and place it in a medium-high temperature skillet for about a minute per side. Press down with a spatula to give it a hockey puck appearance and this process also ensures a thoroughly cooked cake. Promptly serve with a baked potato and broccoli or nestled on a farmhouse salad. However you serve it, know that you’re enjoying a cake in the Maryland Tradition.

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