Three Recipes to Make your Amigos!

Three Recipes to Make your Amigos!


March 11, 2019

 1.  Soft-Shell Crabs in a Beer-Battered Sauté Recipe.

Diners rave over the beer battered salty-sweet taste of the soft-shells in the Garlic Beer-Battered Soft-Shell Special. Follow these easy steps to prepare your own dish. 1) Whisk two organic eggs with whole milk and set aside. Prepare the garlic-vegetable mix: Dice four plum tomatoes & a sweet onion.  Chop three garlic cloves and parsley.  Combine all seasonings/vegetables together and set aside. 2) Dip soft-shells in the egg/milk mixture and then coat with Soft Crab Batter from J.O., a Baltimore MD brand.  Repeat the dipping and coating for a thicker breading.  3) Carefully place the crabs in a hot skillet with extra virgin olive oil. Add the seasonings/vegetable mix. Sauté for 3 minutes per side creating a golden-brown crust. Carefully turn-over vegetable/seasoning mix and set on top of the crabs. This combined sautéing adds flavor to the soft-shells. 4) Pour your favorite beer on each crab to give the crabs a hoppy flavor that complements the succulent-salty taste. Cook for another 3 minutes per side. 5) Plate and savor this unique dish for the true crab lover!

2. French Sophistication Vietnamese Frogs

Frog cooking choices abound from grilling, deep-frying, sautéing to baking.  Enthusiasts attest that brining the frog in salt water helps tenderize the meat for cooking.  Here’s the French method for one of your choices.  Follow five easy steps to plating an exotic and exquisite dish.  1) Sever the legs in half; submerge them in a whisked egg and milk batter; and then coat them with J.O. Oyster & Fish Breader.  2) Sauté legs in a piping hot pan for 3 minutes per side.  Strive for the golden-brown color.  3) Add some extras to the pan: sweet onions, garlic cloves, diced tomatoes & parsley. Let the juices mix as you carefully turn the ingredients over in the pan for 2 more minutes. 4) For sophistication, pour a modest amount of Pinot Grigio over each frog leg and let simmer for 3 minutes.  5) Plate your frog legs & applaud yourself for joining the ranks of the great chefs!

3. Spicy Chesapeake Crab Dip & Baguette Preparation

Place your frozen crab dip in the refrigerator for 7-10 hours for gentle thawing.  Within 45 minutes of your party, scoop your spicy dip into an oven safe container & bake for 25 minutes.  Make sure the dip’s top surface turns golden, signaling a mouthwatering, creamy, succulent dip. Basket your dip complement, the baguette.  Prepare the baguette or narrow French bread with an exact slicing of the bread into one-third inch pieces and drizzle melted olive oil butter on each slice.  Bake for 10 minutes at 350°F. Flip the bread over at about five minutes and wait for that golden-brown hue.  Quickly huddle the pieces in a bread basket and begin dipping!  If you want to offer a variety of dipping choices for the spicy crab dip, fill another basket with wheat crackers, baked bread sticks, or corn tortilla chips.  A kitchen warming light will ensure the bread and chips stay toasty until serving time.  If, by chance, any crab dip remains at the completion of your event, simply place the left-over in the fridge and contemplate adding it to mac-n-cheese!




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