Blockbuster Crab Deals

Blockbuster Crab Dock

Captain Jim welcomes all crab fans back for 

2022’s Blockbuster Crab Dock!

You can hear the hoots and hollers from the crab house with excitement over the new sales dock. Now known as the Blockbuster Crab Dock, each day will focus on a featured crab catch. “Mark down a dozen, double dozen, half or full bushel based on the weighed down pots. Keep to the Chesapeake Crab first rate standard. Fat, healthy, and ready for the Maryland Style Recipe. Keep it going crew!” This sense of urgency moves the whole dock into a hustle. No “lighties,” only rusty belly crabs, filled with jumbo, lump, and claw meat load our steamers. Snapping away, live crabs cook into a salty-sweet, buttery taste. Our JO #2 spice, a Baltimore staple for crabs, completes the truly delicious standard. Check daily for the day’s Blockbuster Catch!

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