Soft-Shells: Mesmerize by the size!

Set your eyes on the prize and mesmerize by the size!

February 9, 2019

Where does Ordercrabs.com get its high quality soft-shells?

The short:  Crisfield, Maryland, along the Chesapeake Bay.

Close Examination: Harvested from brackish Chesapeake Bay waters around the wooden docks and flowing estuaries bordering the seaside crab capital of the world, Crisfield, MD, our soft-shells or “busters” undergo careful flash freezing within a three-hour window from losing their hard shell and forming a new one. (Our water-men carefully observe the crabs breaking free from their shells.  Some compare this feat to switching up an outdated wardrobe!) These individually packed crabs first receive a “cleaning” and “dressing” to maximize taste and to remove uneatable parts such as the jaws and lungs. After this exact preparation, the flash freezing finisher guarantees an ideally fresh product for your cooking options. (Yes, fresh.  Once thawed, your soft shell will resemble in taste and texture a freshly cooked crab.)

Can you provide a simple recipe to prepare myself a soft-shell sandwich?

Sure, follow this recipe as a “safe” beginner to enjoying your Bay favorite.

Once you send out the dinner invites, unwrap your soft shells and allow 4-5 hours for them to thaw within a covered Tupperware container in the refrigerator. This technique maintains the essential juices and flavors remain in the crab and not your refrigerator. (You may want to label the container so to not scare late night fridge visitors. Finding a naked crustacean in your fridge may cause quite a stir!) Prepare the fryer. Heat avocado oil in a fryer and create a light, but crisp breading.  Get the batter ready. Mix one bowl with the wet liquids by beating organic eggs with whole milk and a second with the dry by sifting black pepper, sea salt, and teff flour.  Use nothing but unique products as in teff from a healthier modern Ethiopian wheat and eye-nutrient-filled avocado oil. Skillfully cover each crab. Alternate between the wet and the dry until the crab has a solid coating. Fry for 1-2 minutes to achieve a golden-brown, appetizing color.  Plate your sandwich.  Add a mixed green salad and raspberry vinaigrette and marvel at a rewarding, eccentric and scrumptious meal. (You may want to take pics of your dish and post to your Facebook.  Impress your friends with your unique meal!)

Which size soft-shell fits my needs?

(Just think about other food.  Do you like grand cuts of steaks like a stout porterhouse or a petite filet mignon? Set your eyes on the prize and mesmerize by the size!)

Our team approximates the soft crabs’ sizes with a .5 to 1-inch deviation. Cleaning the crab may decrease the size appearance, but once stretched point-to-point, the crustacean reaches its designated size.  Choose from the smallest to largest:  Mediums (3.5-4”), Hotels (4-4.5”), Primes (4.5-5.0”), Jumbos (5-5.5”), and Whales (5”-up)

Should I note anything?

Soft Shells can naturally shed legs in the wild or through the flash freezing process. If the legs break off during shipping, simply cook and serve the legs with the soft-shell crab. Follow us on Facebook for recipes and blogs. (Try your culinary skills and act an amazing performance in your kitchen.  Break a leg!)

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