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Combo #10 ~ Crabs & Sauce ~ Jumbo Dozen Deal* [STEAMED]-(1) Dozen X-Large/Large Maryland Style Blue Crabs (6"-7”) & 8 oz. jar Homemade Dipping Sauce

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Steamed X-Large Crabs

Crab Huddle

Crab Deals Delivered

Pot filled with Crabs

Now that you removed the crabs from the cooler, how do you warm them for a “dipping good time?”

A blue crab home delivery presents either a challenge with “live” or ease with “steamed.” Knowing this, you choose steamed, but need to follow the steps to keep the crabs fresh, tender, and delicious. First, unload the crabs into the fridge upside down on a towel until it’s time to reheat. Watching the clock and waiting for all your guests is essential since crabs lose appeal after a second, third or more reheating. Once is perfect. A custom crab cooler and gel packs ensured a refrigerated delivery; all you need to do is continue the cooling until showtime!

Once all your guests arrive, let them sit around with a tasty beverage as they watch your "crab warming-up prowess." Take a stock pot and place it on your grill’s burner. Position a grate on the bottom of the pot and fill up to the grate equal portions of beer, water, and vinegar. The beer gives the crabs a hoppiness; the water ensures tenderness; and vinegar helps keep the meat from sticking to the shells. Turn the burner to high and bring the liquid to a boil. Then switch it back to medium high and begin layering the crabs, while dusting each with JO Spice #2. This added spice will guarantee that peppery pop. Use JO Spice #2 since the flakes are larger and stick to the crabs through steaming. Old Bay washes off. Steam for 6 to 8 minutes, while you look around at the hungry crab fans and join their anticipation! Finally, once the time has passed, lift the lid, and grab and crack a claw to check for the ideal temperature. If satisfied, take tongs, and begin serving crabs to your fellow blue crab lovers. Enjoy the taste of the bay when you do it the Maryland way!

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