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Combo #6 ~ Crab Feast ~ Dozen Large USA Blue Crabs {6"-6.5"}, steamed & spiced + 50 ct. LIVE East Coast Littlenecks + Qt. Signature Maryland Crab Soup {Flash-Frozen}

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Crabs, Clams, and Soup

Maryland Crab Soup

Crab Plate

The Fresh Catch.

Chesapeake Crab Co. pulls the heaviest crab pots filled with USA Blue Crabs.  Daily our boats travel healthy waters for the ultimate catch.  Every crab receives the utmost care.  Our crew choose only heavy, meat-filled crabs and grade them with the traditional Chesapeake Crab Grading Scale.  Small 5”-5.5”, Medium 5.5”-6”, Large 6”-6.5”, Ex-Large 6.6”-7”, & Super 7” +.

Chesapeake Bay Steaming & Spicing.

Our crab houses follow the traditional Maryland recipe in spicing the crabs with JO #2.  Then, in cast iron pots, we exactly steam the crabs so the meat cooks to a salty-sweet and tender blue-ribbon quality.

Beautiful Swimmer that is savory.

Crab lovers coined this name to celebrate the beautiful blue color on the crab’s shell and the delicious jumbo, lump and claw meat.  Jumbo meat appears pristine white and tastes equally clean with a salty sweetness.  Lump meat consists of similar pieces, but with the same clean taste.  Claw meat has a more fibrous quality and has a more robust crab taste.  All dip majestically in hot butter!

Pick for recipe or fun!

Recipes abound for Maryland Blue Crabs.  Creamy Jumbo Crab Imperial, Crispy Maryland Lump Crab Cakes, Maryland Crab Claw Soup, and all the other favorites filling famous cookbooks.  Yes, you may want to pick for a feast or for that special dinner recipe!


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