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Combo #13 ~ Kent Island Crab & Tails Dinner ~ Dozen Large {6"-6.5"} MD Steamed Blue Crabs & 2 (9 oz.) Caribbean Lobster Tails [Flash Frozen]

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3 Dozen Small Crabs

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Kent Island

Warm Water Lobster Tails

Tropical Waters

What’s the main difference between

Cold and Warm Water Lobster Tails?

Price tells the story. If you’re looking to save money, go with the warm water tails, found in tropical waters from Florida to the CaribbeanCold Water Tails from Maine and Canada bring a pretty penny and here’s why. The cold waters cause the lobster to develop harder shells to protect themselves from the frigid conditions. They even molt seasonally to produce a shell ideal for their growing body and these conditions. Plump, tender and dense, this body and claw meat, when cooked, breaks off in chunks for an oceanic taste with a buttery sweet hint. With all this molting, they can grow upwards to 4 pounds! Warm water lobsters, on the other hand, don’t molt as much and possess long antennae rather than claws for catching and feeding themselves. The red, black, and brown coloring impresses the seafarer compared to the greenish brown of the cold water, but these lobsters have less meat with a slightly mushy texture. Less sweet and plump, warm water tails serve ideally in sauces and recipes, while cold water headline a dish. So, the difference depends on your recipe. Decide what you want to serve and buy accordingly. A picante sauce will go just fine with a warm water tail and you’ll end up with a thicker wallet!

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