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Combo #1 ~ Alaskan King & Jumbo Blue Crab Male & Female Sook "MIX" ~ (6) Female & (6) Male {6"-7"} with 1 lb. King Crab Legs {Medium, 1.5-2 legs, 16/20 ct.} Crab Variety Pack!

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Crab Plate

King Crab Legs

Massive Crab Legs

You may want to crack a King Crab Leg or two. 

These legs are massive!

Wild caught in the Bering Sea, Bristol Bay or Pugent Sound, these crabs live up to the name ‘King’!  An average King Crab weighs 6-10 pounds, but they can grow up to 20 pounds with a 6-foot span!  You’ll love the tender & juicy meat, large white meat chunks that taste rich and slightly sweet.  In fact, some compare the meat to lobster.  Our crew sustainably catch these huge crabs and then quickly cook, and flash freeze them to ensure freshness & taste. Cooking the crab legs ensures a fresh product once thawed and reheated.

Cooking the Crab Legs ~

Thaw the legs in the fridge overnight and prepare the grill.  Place a sheet of foil down for each leg and turn the heat to medium. Add the legs to the foil and brush garlic butter on each leg and shake Old Bay on each. Grill until legs turn pink and the meat opaque, about 6-10 minutes.  Flip each leg; however, halfway through and brush more butter and Old Bay on the opposite side.  Use the Old Bay amount to your liking.  Promptly remove and enjoy the king of all crabs!

Eat with assurance. King Crab Legs boast 130 calories and 25 grams protein in a 3 oz. serving.  The low fat and calories make it a fit food!  

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