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Combo #9 ~ Captain Jim's Dozen Jumbo Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs {6"-7"} & Dozen Medium-Cup Northeastern USA Oysters {All Ship FRESH!}

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Captain Jim's Exclusive Dinner Combos!

Crab Report!

Ordercrabs.com only hires a crew who knows how to sustainably catch blue crabs, and to measure them to the exact Chesapeake Bay Sizing Scale. Super 7” plus, X-Large 6.5”-7”, Large 6”-6.5”, Medium 5.5”-6”, Small 5”-5.5”

“This week we paired crabs and oysters for a dinner combo that celebrates the Chesapeake, keeping to the bay’s heritage as far back as the Native Americans. Slurping an oyster between cracking a crab just makes sense!” ~ Captain Jim

Why do Fat Crab Season Crabs

taste delightfully delicious?

“Look at this jumbo piece! It’s huge!” With a swift dip in some DELMARVA Dipping Sauce, we get a solid report. “Delicious! Buttery, plus salty-sweet. The meat has a richer quality and ultra-tender texture. The crab has double the meat than normal! Fat Crab Season beats the summer season, claws down!” You hear agreement from the picnic table crew and laughter from the corny joke. The explanation is quite simple for such a delightful crab. They spent all season growing into a delicacy.

During the season, crabs molt or shed out of their shells several times from March until Fat Crab Season. Leaving hibernation from either the ocean’s comfort or the deep muds in the bay, crabs make the quest for tasty bay sustenance. Snails, oysters, clams, eel grass, insects, small fish, and whatever they can find, helps the crab grow in and out of shells. Have you ever noticed some shells appear darker and stained? Chances are this crab has worn the shell for several months and has filled it with meat.  Each time it bursts out of a shell and grows a new one, the blue crab grows 30% larger! Right after molting, however, much of the new shell has little meat. This crab will need to search for more of that tasty food. In this case, the most satisfying crab, with dense meat, a slight buttery flavor, and huge morsels will come from that “rusty” crab. During Fat Crab Season, most crabs have old shells since they’re fattening up for hibernation. What does this mean? It’s time to feast!

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