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Combo #11 ~ Captain's Dinner ~ 1-dozen Jimmy Steamed Blue Crabs {5.5"-6.5"} & 1 lb. Freshly Caught Nantucket Scallops {10-20/lb.} Flash-Frozen

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How do you Deep Fry Scallops?

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How do you Deep Fry Scallops?

North Atlantic Scallops pop with plumpness and a power-packed supply of protein, 17 grams per serving. What restaurants and your home kitchen serve as a scallop is actually an adductor muscle propelling a shell through the deep seas. Biologists name this sea creature a bivalve. Since the muscle constantly moves, this delicacy comprises of pure protein, void of high amounts of fat and cholesterol, a wise seafood choice, for sure! Choose carefully after the catch, however. Some fishing companies preserve the adductor muscle with phosphate solution that bloats the scallops and causes a diminished taste and lessens the pan-searing and golden browning with the excess liquid. Packages that read “Wet” signify this technique. Others, keep the scallop untouched and ready for a quick delivery to the kitchen. Achieving a golden brown is easier and a fresher “oceanic” buttery taste wins awards for “Dry” scallops. Look for the difference and you’ll serve the best in your kitchen.

Deep Frying scallops requires quick prep time and a systematic dipping between three bowls. First, thaw your frozen scallops and seep out any excess water with paper towels. Then in bowl 1, combine 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1 tsp. sea salt, 1 tsp, paprika, and ¼ cup grounded black pepper. In the bowl 2, whisk 2 large eggs and 3 tbsp of whole milk. In the bowl 3, pour 1 ½ cup breadcrumbs. You’ll follow a routine of first dipping in the seasonings, then making the scallops wet with the egg-milk mix, and then finally coating them with breadcrumbs. As far as frying, place a batch of scallops, not touching, in a cast-iron skillet filled with extra virgin olive oil to about two inches deep. Achieve 350 degrees F before starting. Cook for about 2 minutes, and you’re golden! And the scallops are golden brown! With a spoon, scoop out the scallops onto paper towels. Gently roll the scallop to remove excess oils, and then plate and enjoy!

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