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Combo #5 ~ Jumbo Crabs & Calamari Dinner ~ 1-Dozen Steamed X-Large Blue Crabs {6.5"-7"} & 2.5 lbs. Rhode Island Shortfin Squid {tenacles & tubes} Flash Frozen

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Crab Plate


What makes calamari delicious? The squid, of course!

Net-caught off the coast of Rhode Island, our short-fin squid boasts a mildly, sweet oceanic flavor and stretches up to 12 inches. The elongated body gives the chef many rings per squid. These rings beer batter and fry majestically and cover a plate generously. Known as the Loligo Pealei species, they swim along the continental shelf of the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to the warm waters of Florida. Kitchens all along the eastern seaboard celebrate a “calamari catch.” If asked to describe the meat, one may say, “It all depends on the recipe, with the subtle flavor, spices and seasonings enhancing the almost nutty flavor of the squid.” Others may say, “Deep frying always gives the best result with the ‘chewy’ meat. The crunchiness of the beer battering and a dipping into a zesty marinara sauce always starts the party right!” One thing all chefs agree on, the seasonings and spices should enhance the flavor and not take over it.

Getting down to the meat of the matter, squid tastes a bit like lobster or shrimp with a diet of small fish and crustaceans. This sustenance and the squid’s constant movement develops a meat high in protein, about 64% of the day’s daily suggestion and loads of omega 3s, perfect for the cardiovascular system and enduring energy. The catch is quite a sight to see, especially for the squid. Fishermen shine a bright light in the water at night, which attracts the squid. They travel toward it where a “jig” or net captures them, just in time for your recipes. Our chefs recommend grilling with a delicious result of a soft and meaty inside and a chargrilled outside, ready for a parsley sauce dip. Begin with USA seafood, freshly caught, carefully flash-frozen, and expeditiously delivered!

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