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(2) Custom Crab Knives

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Crab Knives

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Cool River

Pick Blues like a Pro!

Set yourself up for a successful crab feast with the essentials.  Some “he-men” believe they can tackle a blue crab with their bare hands.  They have another thing coming!  Yes, they might scarf down a few with pleasure, but after a while some of the novel crab eating utensils will protect the hands.  In fact, you’ll savor more jumbo lump and claw meat with some signature Chesapeake Crab accessories. Check out today’s featured “go-tos.”

Crab Mallets~ Yea, you may think your trusty hammer will break the claw shell.  You’re right!  But you’ll smash the shells into the meat.  Consider a light (in weight) wooden mallet with a long handle that taps a crack in the shell for an easy pull-away of some tender claw meat.  Remember, don’t smack.  Just tap!

Crab Knife~ A sharpen scraping utensil saves the hands.  No need to break a nail!  Take the sharp edge and remove the apron from the bottom shell and even use it to pry off the top shell.  This knife helps with scraping away the gills so you can get busy picking.

Butter Warmer~ Crab meat warms quickly with a butter warmer.  A small candle in the warmer keeps the butter ready for dipping all night!  Don’t forget this feature.  Butter cools quickly and with this handy “friend,” the butter remains warm and creamy.  Each chunk of claw, lump and jumbo meat instantly becomes extra savory with warm butter.

Check out these selections as you order your freshly steamed blue crabs!

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