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North Atlantic Dry-Packed Sea Scallops 10/20 ct./lb.

  • Flash frozen. 

Our large sea scallops are harvested from  scallop beds throughout the northern Atlantic ocean.  The clean, sweet &   buttery taste of our sea scallops are great seared in a hot skillet,  sauteed, baked, or broiled.

What to do with a bit of sand in your scallop? First, we deep sea dive for our scallops and then net them rather than dredging the ocean floor for them.  So the sand particles are at a minimal.  However, what if you find a few particles?  What does a creative cook do?  Follow these easy steps for sand-free scallops.  For a quick preparation, use a "shower" method.  Step #1: Run your scallops under cold water for 30 seconds.  Do so quickly as to not "bloat" the scallops with excess water.  The briny quality of scallops will cause the meat to absorb the water, so make sure you give a quick shower. Step #2:  Pat the scallops dry.  If you have more time and have concerns about sand in your recipe, give the scallops the "bath" method.  Step #1:  Fill a bowl with ice and introduce the scallops on top.  Then add cold water and submerge the scallops in the water.  Step #2:  Carefully, turn the scallops in all directions while submerged, dislodging any unwanted sand.  Step #3:  Pat the scallops dry.  Why must we always pat the scallops dry?  Now, it's all about taste and presentation.  A dry scallop sears faster and develops an even crust as you cook them.  Enjoy these "jewels" of the sea!

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