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30% OFF ~ Maine's Finest ~ (2 lbs.) Lobster Meat (Knuckle, and Claw) [FROZEN] [CK]


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Lobster Meat

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Maine Lobster Boat

Precooked and flash frozen “Claw, Knuckle and Leg Meat” thaw for your cooking convenience.

Serve chilled or gently resteam for your lobster recipe.  Since our cold-water lobsters crawl among the crevices and rocky underwater North Atlantic terrain, their meat grows slowly, and salt doesn’t permeate the meat. That’s why cold-water meat tastes extra sweet!  Consider a few favorite recipes like Lobster Louie.  Chop Iceberg lettuce and slice hard-boiled eggs. Dice cherry tomatoes, cube avocado and grill asparagus.  Place the lobster meat either chilled or steamed throughout the salad and supply hot butter ramekins for each guest.  Delicious!  That’s just one suggestion.  The list continues with lobster benedict in the morning.  Lobster sandwich wraps at lunch and lobster bisque at night!

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