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20% OFF ~ (2) 3-4 oz. Tails, Wild-Caught in Cold Water, North Atlantic Coastline {Maine, Canada} Flash Frozen


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Cold Water Lobster Tail Recipe Creations

Keep that Frozen Lobster Dock Fresh!

Filling the freezer with frozen food makes sense for a seafood lover on the go. Last minute schedule changes or a spontaneous pot luck just gets easier with the cooking convenience of flash-frozen seafood. Make sure you rotate the freezer, however, so the delicacies don’t sit in the frigid conditions for more than 3 months. Today, we take a look at frozen cold-water tails. Known for a buttery flavor and plump texture, cold-water tails, already removed from the lobster makes cooking simple. If you’re wondering lobster’s taste. It’s a combination of crab and shrimp, but with a richer overall taste.

Follow these steps to taking a frozen lobster to a fresh catch!

Thaw them to keep the meat tender and easy to remove from the shells. Place the tails in a large container and leave them in the fridge for about a day. Drain excess liquids and pat dry when it’s “show time.”

Broil for a Chef Experience!

Preheat the broiler to “high.” Then butterfly the tails with an exact cut down the center of the shell. Turn the tails over and brush melted garlic butter on the fleshy part and dash black pepper sparingly. Keep to 4-5 minutes per a 5 oz.-8 oz. lobster tail. If cooking a pair, adjust the time to almost 10 minutes. Cook to a light brown. Just to make sure, the fleshy part should turn opaque. Use a cooking thermometer to make sure the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F.

Serve HOT!

Lobster tastes best when warm and the juices flow from the temperature. Couple the lobster with a crab cake, sirloin, or your favorite go-to. One thing is for sure. Have some hot butter ready!

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