How Sweet. FRESH Blue Crab Meat!

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Tangier Island Lighthouse

How Sweet. FRESH Blue Crab Meat!

Die-hard crab fans deserve the best blue crabs. Yes, King tastes robust with an oceanic briny blast. Garlic butter tames it to a dipping delicacy. Snow certainly snaps to elongated sweeter fibrous mouth-watering salty-sweet morsels. Don’t forget Dungeness with a steaky edge and density fitting for a remoulade and lemon blast. Blue Crabs, although the smallest of the group receives accolades for a succulence only embellished with JO Spice #2, a creation from Tangier Island. With FRESH Blue Crab Meat, it should make the decision simple, a perfect storm of Nature creates a blue crab meat worth talking about!

Brackish bay waters, rippling against the docks nurtures the beautiful swimmer with a perfect ratio of salt verses fresh water. Jumbo blue colored clawed males and red clawed females both enjoy these conditions as they hunt the healthy waters for nourishment. Barnacles, plants, snails, shrimp, worms, and whatever they can get their claws on helps them grow jumbo, lump, and claw meat. Jumbo, pulled from the back-swimming leg area, sometimes called backfin, has a buttery and plump tender texture. Lump, picked from the crab’s center section has a pristine flavor like jumbo, but in smaller pieces. Claw meat pulls a darker, fibrous meat with a robust crab flavor. All three taste fresh when used in a delicious recipe right after a picking. Fresh crab meat simply smells like an ocean breeze. Add your seasoning and spice slowly as to embellish the crab flavors, but not to hide them. Blue Crabs win awards for taste for a reason!

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