Let’s be clear about clarified butter!

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Let’s be clear about clarified butter!

Dunking freshly picked jumbo lump just tastes better with hot butter, but did you know you can take the dunking to a higher level? Swanky chefs and crab house crew both claim clarified butter just tastes better. But what is it? It’s butter without the milk solids and excess water. Cooks heat unsalted butter at high temperatures to remove these “cloudy, milky” solids. The result is a clean, and rich golden butter fat that mixes deliciously with crab, lobster, frog and even alligator meat. In fact, clarified butter complements everything crab: snow, king, Dungeness, etc. Make your crab or exotic meat feast simple with a one ingredient recipe! Eat with assurance, since clarified butter can withstand higher temperatures before “breaking down” or burning. Dieticians claim this higher threshold keeps clarified butter void of the unstable free radicals that cause cancer. Of course, if you have a dairy allergy, this butter choice is perfect for you. The only thing you may need is a butter warmer to keep it hot in anticipation for another jumbo blue crab chunk, alligator kabob cube or frog leg morsel. Make clarified butter your go-to to complement any exotic meat with a slightly nutty smoothness.

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