Serve a Restaurant Style MD Crab Cake!


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Fresh Crab Cake Dinner

Serve up a Restaurant Style Maryland Crab Cake!

Chefs know crab cake excellence and so do diners like yourself. Maryland Crab Cakes follow a tradition of excellence that starts with the Chesapeake Bay or tributaries’ blue crab. The sequence is time-honored. Watermen catch healthy, full crabs specifically for the picking houses and rush them back for an exact steaming. Then, after a cooling, the picking crew extract the jumbo lump from the crab cavities and separate it from the claw and smaller lump portions. The chefs take this meat and fold in a creamy binding mix, primarily consisting of eggs, mayonnaise, crushed crackers, and bay spices. Carefully packed with a designated scooper, the cakes can range from 1 to 8 ounces in size. Either fresh or flash frozen, the cakes arrive to your home kitchen for a broiling, sauteing, or even deep frying. Whatever you do, know that you chose a restaurant style cake that shows off the impressive jumbo lump!

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