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West Coast Dungeness Crab Clusters, 1 lb.- [FROZEN]

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Dungeness Clusters

West Coast Dungeness

Get Snapping!

Learn about the crab differences.

King Crab Legs sport spiky, thick legs that require a cracker and mallet. They measure less than the Snow Crab Leg in length, but large chunks of meat pull from the shell. Dip in hot butter for a robust sweet flavor that reminds the diner of lobster.

Snow Crab Clusters snap easily with the bare hand and long bands of meat simply pull from the shell. Get your hands messy and savor the sweet, but slightly briny meat. Some advocates claim a sprinkle of Old Bay brings this delicacy to a pop.

Dungeness Clusters need that hammer again, but probably not the cracker. Distinguish this taste as sweet with a slightly nutty finish. Firm, but tender, this meat dunks into a pool of clarified butter like no other!

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