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Alaskan King Crab Legs, Bering Sea Ultimate Catch - [FROZEN]

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King Crab Legs

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Bering Sea

King Crab Legs, A Delicacy to Crack into!

When cooking any prized catch, it’s always ideal to envision the plated food and desired tastes from the start. A favorite choice for serving king crab legs is grilled to a buttery smokiness. The meat boasts a delicate texture with a salty brininess. Subtly flavored similar to lobster with minimal “fishy” hints, your plated masterpiece will exhume a nutty sweetness from a generous olive oil brushing. The succulence intensifies from the amino acids breaking down in the meat from the heat that naturally gives king crab legs that mouthwatering accolade.

To arrive at this culinary goal, choose flash from king crab legs for the occasion. Most seafood stores carry small up to colossal sizes. When picking and placing the meat on the scale, a 4.7-ounce portion will yield about 130 calories and 26 grams of protein. Potassium and calcium, along with other nutrients benefit the body from king crab legs. By the way, when picking the meat, you’ll notice the shells are tough and prickly, but the meat normally pulls as a large chunk. In fact, a large leg suits a serving size with loads of meat. Arm your guests with cutting shears, seafood forks, and mallets to dislodge the meat, but your cooking preparation can make this process easy for your diner.

Now for the cooking, let’s set the perfect sequence. Thaw your crab legs in the refrigerator overnight and once thawed, cut a vertical opening for the meat along each shell. Generously brush each leg with olive butter and dash with paprika, seafood seasonings, or any flavor of your choice. Some enthusiasts even opt for honey glaze. Suit your fancy and put on that chef hat in style! In a preheated oven, grill at medium-high heat for 4-5 minutes, shell down. Once done, swiftly serve to your guest for a savory taste from the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. Yes, a crab leg any seafood lover holds in high regard, a meal worth remembering!





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