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Sizzling Double Dozen Deal-STEAMED-(2) Dozen Male Large Maryland Style Blue Crabs (6"-6.5") {Just RIGHT!}

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Double Dozen Large Chesapeake Bay Crabs Show Sophistication!

Captain Jim suggests 6-8 steamed blue crabs per serving. Of course, that depends on your side selections. Crabs warrant an enthusiast with skills at getting to all that crab meat. The back part of the crab boasts the jumbo pieces with a pristine, clean tasting, and salty-sweet sophistication worthy of a smooth hot butter dip. The pieces pull easily from the back-swimming leg areas. Running along the crab body, you’ll find the lump. Similar in taste to the jumbo, the pieces have a more flaky quality. Many crab picking pros use the lump for crab cakes. (Stay tuned for our crispy crab cake recipe!) If you had to pin-point a difference, the jumbo has a slightly more buttery flavor than the lump. If you have “pent up frustrations” from all this crab eating know-how, try tapping the claws with a mallet. Just tap, don’t smash. No one likes pieces of claw meat with shattered shells! Robust, fibrous with a more profound crab taste, claw meat adds a bit more sweetness to the experience. Large crabs measure 6”-6.5” on the top shell, so eat with assurance! With a double dozen, you'll get loads of delicious crab meat!

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