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Hungry Crew's Special- [STEAMED]-(1/2 Bushel) Male Jimmy Maryland Blue Crabs (Medium/Large 5.5 to 6.5 inches. [3 Crab mallets]

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Always Cook Crabs live!  Here’s why.

All crustaceans like lobsters and crabs boast delicious crab meat, but timing is crucial.  The moment the crustacean dies, the meat is not so delicious, and it happens quickly!  Our crab house staff know this and get your crabs ready for steaming in a flash with a quick ice bath to shock the crabs.  This “shocking” ensures they don’t lose their claws. It’s quite interesting.  For defense purposes, crabs drop their claws to escape a predator.  We know you like crabs with claws, so this ice bath helps keep the claws on.  Then we light up the steamers and spice these meaty monsters with your spice choice.  In these pots, we’ll load crabs from 5.5”-6.5”, the perfect mix of medium and large crabs. For a ½ bushel we prepare 3 dozen crabs & for a bushel 6 dozen.

Know your sizes.

Bay Crabs measure 5”-6” and fill the bushel at about 7 dozen.  Even though all our crabs swim in the Bay, estuaries, inlets and rivers, this name characterizes our smallest crab best for a side with other cookout favorites or as an appetizer.

Jimmies stretch 5 ½” -6 ½” from point-to-point and fill a bushel with about 6 dozen crabs.  Watermen call all male crab Jimmies, but we use that name to designate our family friendly size.  Serve with corn on the cob and potato salad. This size serves as an entrée.

Jumbo Crabs cause crowds to cheer with measurements from 6”-7” plus and fill a bushel with 5 dozen heavy crabs.  Boasting the most meat from claw, lump and jumbo meat, this size offers a filling entrée.  Don’t forget, this size contains the monster crabs known as the behemoth size above 7”.  Some crab enthusiasts find 2-3 crabs perfect per guest with all this meat.

Female Crab Bushels combine all sizes from 5”-7” plus and fill your personal bushel to 5-6 dozen.  To keep your ordering easy, a bushel entertains about 10 people.

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