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Sweet Crab Dinner ~ Dozen MD Female Steamed Crabs {5"-6"} & 1 lb. Chilean King {size ~ 7-12 oz. clusters} A perfect finale!

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Jumbo Sooks and Chilean King Crab Legs

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Do Chilean King Crab Legs taste like Alaskan?

Alaskan King brings a briny sweetness to the crab feast. Clarified butter with a hint of nuttiness tames the brine for a robust crab dunking each time. Chilean, or South King Crab boasts a sweeter meat with less brine since they feast primarily on molluscs, crustaceans, green algae, turtle grass, and other hearty nourishment found in the benthic zone. This zone is at the ocean floor in mega deep waters up to 2,300 feet. Since water gets colder and saltier as the crab travels to the floor, it’s a wonder they sport a sweet meat. The diet, then is the answer. Adorned with red spikes and a shell that easily cracks, South King Crabs find favor who like snowy white, delicately sweet meat with a briny hint. Caught in traps like the Alaskan King, many of the standards remain the same to ensure a safe delivery to the kitchen table. Watermen steam the crab immediately after the catch and section it into clusters or half bodies. Then they freeze with a quick or IQF freezing and a glazing of water to avoid oxidation and freezer burning through transport. Give Chilean King a try for a sweeter alternative to Alaskan!

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