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Holiday Blue Crabs

Help yourself to Some Seafood Festive Cheer!

“Let’s bow our heads and give thanks for this incredibly good smelling seafood!” You may hear a version of this grace before your Thanksgiving Dinner, but only if you take advantage of the best catches from USA waterways. The gratitude will be even stronger after savoring each bite since this batch of seafood is bar none! Jumbo Maryland Steamed Blue Crabs with the peppery pop of bay spices, paprika, grounded pepper, and the like fill the air with a buttery sweetness. Eyes turn to the table with eagerness for the fun in cracking a crab. Then, oyster stuffing made with the finest shucked Virginia Oysters adds an oceanic, slightly melon blast to a hearty stuffing and the aroma is pure bliss! Mix these two smells and this dinner will be one to remember! Bring home the enticing smells with steamy Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup, wafting a bold earthy aroma with the buttery robust crab meat playful hint. Yes, this meal gives a variety of textures and tastes! Let the smells invite your loved ones to the table for a Thanksgiving that calls for seconds!


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